The Benefits of Solar Water Heaters

The Benefits of Solar Water Heaters

A solar water heater is a device that heats water by use of a solar thermal collector where sunlight is the source. This article will explain the benefits that come with this heater and how it can be of advantage to users. The information will be beneficial since it will distinguish it from other means of heating water.


A solar water heater has a collector that faces the sun to enable a working fluid to be heated so that it can be passed in storage to be used later. The water and working fluid are heated using mirrors that concentrate the light rays. The configuration of heaters available can vary depending on the cost of providing service to different latitudes.


A solar water heater is efficient because it is capable of converting up to 80% of solar radiation into heat energy without the use of external fuels. This helps in minimizing the costs of other energy sources and the only disadvantage is if the climate is not sunny. The efficiency of this water heater makes it a favorable device compared to others.

No Cost

Solar water heaters use the sun as their main source of energy meaning that the power used to operate the device is free. There will be no cost of accessing power even during cloudy weather. Using other sources of energy like gas can be very expensive. Using kerosene to heat water can also be costly hence a solar heater is cheap for use.

Environmental Friendly

Solar water heatersare friendly to the environment because they emit no emissions and have lower carbon. Solar panels are highly recommended since they have green energy that is suitable for the environment. These water heaters are affordable and are the safest compared to other heaters. A solar water heater is perfect for protecting the environment.

Have Low Maintenance

The only requirement a solar water heater needs is just cleaning it hence high maintenance isn’t really necessary.  Another reason is that it doesn’t have moving parts. Moving parts are usually responsible for the wear and tear of any kind of machine. The solar heater hence doesn’t have moving parts making it less likely to get damaged or repaired.

Cheap Installation

Installing a solar panel usually requires very little spending compared to installing other types of panels. The unit back that’s unused can be transferred to an electricity grid which can yield great results. Installing it is cheap in that since it’s invested once and it can last for a very long time, it brings lots of benefits that are long-term in terms of solar water heater price in kenya.


A solar heater is a suitable alternative for the environment and in terms of costs. For a home to achieve the appropriate heating purposes, the correct number of panels should be installed. A professional should be available to advise on the appropriate amount of panels to be installed so that a home can be enjoyed for a long period.

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