The Health Benefits of Lion Pose (Simhasana)

The Health Benefits of Lion Pose (Simhasana)

The Simhasana is a very basic beginner-level pose in yoga that is very easy to perform but is so much beneficial. The main purpose of this asana is that it stretches the wrist, quadriceps muscles. Spine, knee and helps in strengthening the areas here. One of the best asana for delaying aging and also reduces stress. This asana heals in dealing with any form of emotional turmoil and thus is very much beneficial for the body.

Practicing this pose requires making a lion sound while holding the pose for a sufficient amount of time.  This is a casual seated yoga posture and the English name of Simhasana is the lion pose. Here one needs to sit in a lion posture and the sounds that come out from the mouth are also just like the lion’s roar. The actual meaning of Simhasana is ‘Simha’ means ‘lion’, and ‘asana’ is ‘posing.

The main body parts that are used to perform this asana are the palms and the knees. The tongue of the performer will be out in the intense roaring sound. There has to be a deep exhalation with a heavy roaring sound. This sound works as a relieving factor. Now let us see what steps to perform this asana are and how this asana is to benefit us. If you want to learn more on the lion pose then we strongly recommend to check out the best yoga school in Rishikesh and learn from the authentic teachers.

Simhasana Benefits

 Doing this asana has plenty of benefits without a doubt. But let’s explore what are the benefits to be highlighted here: –

1. Delays the aging effect in the body-

The Simhasana delays the lifetime aging in the body because of the increased blood flow. It also increases the blood flow in the face which enhances the process. This increase blood circulation in e body rejuvenates the entire process.

2. Improves any sort of speech disorder-

As the tongue remains out while one is doing this asana any sort of disorder in speech is improved.  The vibrating sound that comes out of the throat and because the vocal cords are involved here problems like stammering, stuttering, lisping, etc are improved. His voice and tone are also much clear if one practices this asana.

3. Improves digestion-

The exhalation that is involved in the breathing of this exercise helps a lot in the relaxation of the abdominal muscles. This thus helps in greater digestion and thus problems of indigestion or constipation are lowered. Thus this yoga is proved to be very beneficial if one is suffering from any sort of stomach issue.

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4. Calms the mind-

This Simhasana calms and soothes the mind because of the roar that is involved.  The roar that includes here takes out all the negative energy from the body and thus it has a pretty calming effect on the body.

5. Prevents bad breath—

Any kind of infection in the respiratory tract or the mouth is prevented with the practice of this asana. Thu in order any kind of bad breath is also prevented with the practice of Simhasana. With the regular practice of this yoga asana, the breathing of one is improved.

6. Calm effect on the eyes-

Holding the yes at a fixed position for a very long time improved the vision as well as involved in having a very calming and soothing effect. Also practicing this involves a regular exercise for the yes which we often miss in our regular day-to-day routine.

7. Activates and rejuvenates the energy locks-

Practicing this asana regularly and religiously activates and rejuvenates the three energy locks in the body which in used the Bandhas in yoga. This involves the great working of the Mula lock, the Jalandhar lock, and the Uddiyana luck which is highly beneficial as well as positive for the body overall.

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It’s better to always know the negative points or aspects when you are performing any sort of yoga pose. The reason is this will save one from any kind of injury. Also, the precaution will help one to do the pose firmly. Every yoga pose has some sort of restrictions and so does this one as well. Let’s see what are the precautions that one must take while doing the Simhasana pose: –

  • When one is about to do the poses the shoulder blades must be across the back because this helps in opening the chest with the arms pressed on the floor tightly. This position also helps in lifting the heart and the performance o the asana is at its best making the entire process very easy.
  • One can also try the different variants of this pose if one is not comfortable in any of the original forms.
  • In case there is any prior wrist injury then performing this posture in vajrasana is suggested.
  • The asana should be practiced maximum1-2 minutes. One should not at all go above 3 minutes as that can be harmful to the body.
  • Any sort of injury in ankle, wrist, knee or broken back, etc, this asana should be avoided.
  • Injury in face, neck, or tongue this asana again should be avoided.   

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