Day 2 Covid Testing Requirements

Day 2 Covid Testing Requirements

Foreigners coming from prohibited list countries had to have a day 2 PCR test within two days of landing in the country, with another ‘Day 8’ test required several days later, as per the previous traffic control travel system across the UK.

What Is A Day 2 Covid Test?

Anyone going in or out of the UK at this time will be requested to do a PCR test after arriving back unless they are visiting one of the seven red list areas, where vacations and casual travel are prohibited.

According to a recent update of the control system in preference of a more precise schedule of ‘go’ and ‘no-go’ travel sites, fully vaccinated visitors to the UK only need to take a PCR travelling test within 2  days of returning to the UK.

Rules For Travelling From Non-red List Countries

If you’ve not been a country or region on the UKs prohibited list in the recent ten days and have all of your vaccinations, you must:

  • Fill out a traveller search form
  • Get a COVID-19 check within two days of arriving in the UK – you may use the CTM reservation system to plan and charge £68 for an NHS COVID-19 PCR test, or you can get a Day 2 PCR test from a list of other vendors
  • If you get a positive test result on a Day 2 lateral flow test, you must arrange a confirmatory PCR test straight away, either on the internet or by contacting 119. You should include in your explanation that you had a positive Day 2 lateral flow test.
  • Please note that if you have been in intimate interaction with somebody who tests positive for COVID-19 during your travel (even as a flying contact) and have completed a Day 2 lateral flow test, you will need to isolate until you give a negative response from a PCR test.

Travellers From Red List Countries

Provided you visited a red-listed country or area in the ten days running up to your departure, you will be allowed to enter the UK if any of the following requirements is encountered:

  • you are a citizen of the United Kingdom or Ireland
  • If you hold a permit to work or study in the UK, you have the right to stay in the country.
  • You’re visiting the UK for specific employment or to get life-saving medical care.

If you’re coming to Scotland from a country on the red list, you’ll need to:

  • fill out a passenger search form
  • To take a COVID-19 test – children under the age of 11 are exempt from taking this exam.
  • purchase a hotel package that includes two COVID-19 PCR testing.

When Should I take Day 2 PCR Test?

The necessity for the Day Two Covid test is still generating some misunderstanding since the name implies that it must be taken on the second day following returning to the UK.

Going back, visitors to Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, or Wales may take the Day 2 PCR test Scotland for two days of their arrival, although not indeed on the second day.

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