Technology in the Home Buying Process

Technology in the Home Buying Process

The presence of technology is felt in the real estate industry, specifically making it easier to buy and sell homes and condos.

Here are 4 ways how technology impacts the home buying process.

In Viewing Properties and Condos

A classic example of how technology helps with home buying is making a tour available in the form of virtual.

You could be interested in a Penrose condo but the distance might be too far. Instead of passing up the chance you can have the developer or real estate agent set up virtual reality and 360-degree photographs so you can check out the property as if you’re there.

In Closing Sales

Mortgages is often tagged as the slowest process when it comes to buying a property. With the advent of digital mortgage brokers, however, potential buyers can now apply for and get approved for a mortgage on the internet.

Sale of a property or condo is much faster now that there are more viewers and potential buyers. Therefore, it’s important for sellers to wait at the right time and bid, and for buyers to put their best foot forward when expressing interest in Dairy Farm Residences, for example.

Laser for More Detailed Floor Plans

Floor plans are indispensable for real estate agents and potential buyers alike, and laser technology allows for faster scans of the Water gardens Canberra, for example.

Scanning for data and details are evolving to a point where cameras and sensors can now detect and process more than ever. Thousands of ‘points’ can be collected and turned into 2D or 3D floor plans depending on what the developer needs for marketing purposes.

In Staging

Nowadays developers and agents use software to create a staging effect. It’s when a potential buyer chooses to paint the outside house or walls a color of their choosing, or adding furniture into a scene to see how it looks in virtual.

John Norwood
John Norwood is best known as a technology journalist, currently at Ziddu where he focuses on tech startups, companies, and products.