Prepare the List of Supplies to Make Candles at Home

Prepare the List of Supplies to Make Candles at Home

Candles are a perfect gift for any occasion. The aroma candles can create a soothing effect after a hectic day; colourful candles can make a romantic candlelight dinner. The biggest reason why people use candles for light in church or at home is when there is a power outage. Wax plays the main role in a candle, and the rest is all decoration pieces.

Decorative and aromatic candles are not only beautiful, but they fill the room with soothing fragrance making it warm and cosy. You can buy candles from online retailers or any nearby shop. You may also get a variety with different shape, size, colours and scents, but making candles at home gives a sense of fulfilment. 

People love homemade candles because it is made with love and care. It shows how much unique the person is to you. Receiving such gifts is the best thing in the world. The only problem is the supply of materials to make an excellent DIY candle at home. 

Aussie Candle Supply is an experienced and the biggest supplier of soy candle making supplies in Australia. They offer an extensive range of waxes, wicks, glassware, essential oils, dyes, equipment, fragrances, body care products, and advice. Sixteen years back in 2005, they were the first importers and distributors of soy wax in Australia. 

The supplies you need for the candle depends entirely upon the type of candle you’re planning to make. Some of the supplies may be available in your kitchen, which you use daily. However, ensure that if you’re using supplies or containers from the kitchen, then they should not be used for cooking purposes again. 

List of Items Required to Make Candles at Home

Mentioned below is the list that you will require whenever you make a candle. 

  • Wax is a crucial ingredient to make candle wax. You can use any natural or chemical-based wax, but it’s good to use natural ingredients like soy, beeswax, and palm wax because they don’t have a carbon footprint. 
  • Fragrance oil is another essential element added after wax melts to give a pleasant aroma to the candle. One pound of wax requires one ounce of fragrance oil, and it is also good to research well before using any essential oil. 
  • Dye is available in block or liquid form, mixed to give candles a desired and attractive colourful look. Choose any colour dye that soothes your eyes. 
  • Candle moulds come in different shapes and sizes. They are available in glass, metal which can give your candle a desired shape. 
  • Choosing a wick is an essential factor to let the candle burn properly. Choose cotton or wooden wicks with thickness depending upon the size of the candle. 
  • Buy a scale to weigh the exact quantity of wax and essential oil. 
  • A stove and saucepan for boiling wax are also needed. It is advisable to use a double boiler to avoid igniting wax. 
  • A thermometer will help in measuring the temperature accurately to avoid excessive boiling and excessive cooling. 
  • Some essential items like newspaper or parchment paper protect the floor or any other work surface. Also, scissors to trim the wick, towels for clean-up, cold water in case you burn for your hands while boiling, a wooden spatula for stirring, and rubbing alcohol to clean away wax from hands.

Prepare the supply list before leaving for the market to buy them. Once you start making candles at home, buying candles from the store will not be fun anymore.

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