Reasons To Rescreen Your Employees From Time To Time

A background investigation when hiring an employee is meant to investigate their past activities and shed light on any suspicious or questionable actions that may impact the reputation of your business upon hiring them. Verifying who they are is very important. But few employers take time to rescreen their employees after hiring.

Rescreening your employees even during their employment period is vital for your company’s reputation. If you screen your employees only when hiring them, then it means you might be unaware of any questionable activities that may have occurred after the employee was hired. After bringing an employee on board, you have to conduct additional background checks from time to time. Here is why.

Reduce employee turnover rate

An extensive employee turnover rate is costly for your organization or business. First of all, the hiring process takes up so much time and resources, which can significantly affect your company’s production. By the time the new employees catch up, you have already lost so much.

Rescreening your employees regularly helps you keep tabs on poor hires to avoid lost time and resources making bad hiring decisions in the future. Rescreening your employees enables you to eliminate workers with bad histories who may repeat the questionable behavior when working for you.

Increases your organization’s safety and security

Rescreening your employees from time to time helps you identify those with irregular behavior that may impact your company’s safety. It enables you to mitigate potentially harmful employees and bad behavior such as fraud, violence, drug use, negligence, theft, and abuse.

Employees with questionable behavior can make others feel unsafe when working and can severely damage your brand reputation. You can use a professional rescreening service that ensures that all your employees are compliant with the screening process for the safety and security of your organization.

Identify red flags

Rescreening the employees you have onboard helps you identify the other activities they do outside the workplace that could negatively impact your business. You never know what an employee does during their free time that can ruin your brand. What if they work part-time for your competitor and haven’t reported to you or your HR? Drug use, violence, and difficulties with the law may also be a concern for some companies. Identifying such red flags can ensure you mitigate the risk of employees ruing a brand you have worked so hard to build.

Mitigate your own risks

Keeping tabs on your employees’ behavior is an excellent way to mitigate your own risks. You don’t want to hear about one of your employees bad-mouthing your company to other employees or potential customers. Checking their social media can go a long way in evaluating if they are still significant assets for your company.

Boost a positive working environment

Professional rescreening of your employees promotes a positive working environment. For instance, colleagues may know what their workers are up to, especially if bad behavior outside of the workplace makes them underperform at work.

They may not come forward to admit their frustration about it, but they may wish the management to check in on the underperforming worker. So, by having a policy of rescreening your employees from time to time, you can maintain a positive working environment for all of them.

John Norwood
John Norwood is best known as a technology journalist, currently at Ziddu where he focuses on tech startups, companies, and products.