If you run an online business, fast shipping and delivery are essential for your business’s growth. You have to provide fast shipping for your customers to trust you and enjoy shopping with you. Once your customers are satisfied with your delivery services, you are assured of repeated sales, and you can build a positive online reputation that grows your business even more. But you may wonder, aren’t all courier services the same?

If price, speed, reputation, and reliability are a priority for you, comparing courier services is a thing you must do. Here are the things you need to evaluate to ensure the courier you choose delivers according to your expectations.

Delivery speed

The time it takes for your products to get to the customers can significantly impact the reputation of your business. The buying habits and expectations of online customers have changed. Customers want fast delivery, and the more they are happy with your shipping services, the more they shop with you, which ultimately boosts your revenue. Many customers expect a delivery time of one to five days, and if your competition is high, you even need shorter delivery times. Same-day or next-day delivery is all the more advantageous for your business.

Proof of delivery

Look for a courier service that provides proof of delivery to be sure that they are delivering to your expectations. Parcel tracking and recorded delivery options ensure you and your customers have peace of mind. These days, reputable courier services send text messages to your clients informing them of what date and time to expect the delivery. That is a great way to personalize delivery services, creating a great shopping experience.

Cost to value

If you have an online business, you know how shipping costs can add up really quickly. That is why you should evaluate your shipping costs and against the value offered for your business. It is imperative to compare the freight quote of one courier service to another to determine which gives you more value for your business. Keep in mind that the cheapest courier service is not always the best since it may not deliver the best shipping experience for your customers. If you are satisfied that the courier service meets your expectations, you can now go ahead and calculate your cost to value. Keep your overhead costs low while providing the best shipping experience for your clients.

Size and weight limitations

The size and weight of the things you wish to deliver influence the type of courier service you choose. Shipping more oversized items may cost more, or you may find that some courier services do not have the means to deliver large and heavy items. Before settling for a specific courier service, enquire about weight and size limitations beforehand to determine if they meet your business needs.

Shipping insurance

Even the best courier services can deliver late sometimes, or packages can turn out damaged due to an accident. Parcel insurance assures you of coverage in case of such inconveniences with a courier service. That alleviates your worry of products being delivered damaged or not being shipped as expected.

Happy customer service

The reputation of your courier service ultimately affects your business. Choosing the right courier service enhances your customers’ shopping experience leading to more repeated sales.

John Norwood
John Norwood is best known as a technology journalist, currently at Ziddu where he focuses on tech startups, companies, and products.