Personal Computer Mouse History

Personal Computer Mouse History

Short Personal computer mouse history based on Doug Engelbart who is the man behind mouse history on 1961.Doug Engelbart reportedly conceived the personal computer Mouse history on conference lecture in 1961.

Personal computer Mouse history design in 1963 looks like a box with rolling wheels under it which inspired by mechanic measuring devices named planimeters in the 1800s.Personal computer mouse history had a prototype that later change how humans interact with PC.

Personal computer Mouse history Development began in the early 1960s by Doug Engelbart who explored more on interactions between PC and humans. Bill English also contributed as the chief engineer at SRI who built the first computer mouse prototype around 1964.

Mouse was invented and developed on Stanford University.The first real mouse was invented in 1964 at Stanford University.

What is a mouse purpose?

A computer which use mouse device with a computer allow user to browse through screen and click items on the screen.

A mouse can move along a flat surface going through different items on the screen that can be moved or by clicking or pressing the mouse buttons.

Does the computer mouse change the world?

Basically a PC introduced the mouse to the world including a keyboard about the size of a big toaster in the early development.

Later development we can even use the control panel thorough double click the mouse icon. Alse we can go to the mouse properties windows then click the tab motion and check or uncheck the show pointer trail option for enable or disable the feature.

In this era, the development of mice has become increasingly sophisticated, even various types of mice are also available for gamers. Even equipped with interesting button features that are very useful for its users.

Even gamers use a special mouse to play poker at

Several types of mouse;

Wired Mouse.

Wireless Mouse.

Ball / Mechanical Mouse.

Wheel / Scroll Mouse.

Optical Mouse.

Laser Mouse.

BlueTrack Mouse.


I have asked some gamers about the development of mice at this time and they prefer to use a wireless mouse because it is very practical to play games anywhere.

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