Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a household name in the gaming world and dominates the players’ thoughts and ways to improve. The game was developed by a company called valve in the year 2012. This game can be operated on Windows, iOS, and even Linux.

In the game, the players are divided into two separate teams. The terrorist team aims to deposit the bombs in respected places and take hostages. At the same time, the counter-terrorist group’s task is to defuse the bombs and save the hostages who are at the mercy of the terrorist group. The players are supposed to perform the task given to them to win the game. There are many modes that the players can try out; thus, the game never gets too tedious for anyone. In 2018, another mode was released known as the Battle-Royal Game-Mode with a particular feature called the “danger Zone.” The unique feature of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is their customization or personalization, which they call “matchmaking.” This attribute allows the players to host games on their servers with their unique set of self-made maps.

Counter-Strike: Prime Accounts

Out of all the accounts attached to CS: GO, the most prominent one is the prime account. A CSGO Prime Accounts comes with many benefits; the player could request instant item drop, new weapons, own personal weapon cases, souvenir items, and have access to all Community-operated servers. To make the stride of prime account holders safer and secure, the prime account players will only be matched with their fellow prime account members. It is quite unlikely that the cheaters will pay to get a prime account; hence prime account holders are safe during the game.

To experience such a privilege, purchase the prime account from the official site of Counter-Strike: Global offensive. The rates set by them are affordable. A Prime account can also be earned; when the player reaches level 21 of the game, they will be eligible to acquire a prime account.

Counter-Strike Smurf Account

Another form of account which is quite popular in the gaming circle is the CSGO Smurf Accounts. Smurf account or ranked account is used for various purposes. The skilled or experienced players of CS: GO use this to perfect their already polished skills. They try out new weapons and modes with their smurf account and not lose their highly ranked position in the game. There is a concept of trolling the fellow players, which the players find to be quite entertaining.

On the other hand, the amateur players get a subscription to Smurf accounts to rise in the ranks. They play with people who do not have a desirable skillset and defeat them. This helps them to boost their confidence as well.

Anyone can get a Smurf account from the official site of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The charges set for such accounts are quite less, and the official site also provides a safe gateway to make monetary transactions.

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