Living A Healthy Life Is Not Rocket Science

Living A Healthy Life Is Not Rocket Science

Living a healthy life is not as complicated as you think it is. People today are just taking advantage of the convenience that processed foods are providing. But with the rise of these food products, weight issues and other health problems also surged.

The advancements in farming and food technology made meals convenient for us today. But, these advancements come at a serious bargain. If you want to live healthier, these are simple tips you can follow.

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is scheduling your food intake. The most popular method is not eating within 16 hours and only eating within an 8-hour window in a 24-hour cycle.

Another way is eating normally for five days and fasting for two days. You can also try fasting every other day, meaning you can eat today but not tomorrow.  

You probably think that it is somehow impossible, but it’s not. According to a John Hopkins article, a study suggests that our bodies can go for days without food. The human body is tougher and more resilient than most people think.

The study, conducted by neuroscientist Mark Mattson, said the benefits of intermittent fasting include:

  • Healthier heart
  • Optimum physique
  • A clear mind
  • Prevention of obesity and diabetes  
  • Healthier tissues

That said, fasting may not be the best solution for everyone’s unhealthy eating habits. Before skipping meals, you should first consult a physician.

Eating Nutrient-Dense Food

A perfect complement to intermittent fasting is maintaining a healthy diet by eating nutrient-dense food. Fasting ensures the body rids all the excess sugar, fat, and calories. When we eat, we replenish all the unhealthy excess nutrients in the body.

As a general rule of thumb, eating colorful fruits and vegetables will guarantee that you will consume a wide variety of vitamins, amino acids, and minerals, which are the building blocks of the human body.

If you’re wondering how to choose a cuisine or style of cooking that will ensure the intake of all these vitamins and minerals, try Mediterranean food. According to research, this type of diet can prevent cardiovascular diseases, encourage healthy aging, and increase lifespan.

Here are other benefits of consuming Mediterranean food:

  • Less plaque growth
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Manages cholesterol
  • Prevents diabetes


Exercising is good for our bodies. It improves blood flow and it comes with a lot of other health benefits, including::

  • Obesity prevention
  • Manage blood sugar levels
  • A healthier heart
  • A better mental health condition
  • Stronger muscles and bones
  • Better sleep

Today, getting food in less than five minutes is possible. You can store meat in a can for years without it rotting. You can even have noodles in a packet and prepare them in less than three minutes. 

But, eating a lot of high-processed food means you barely get any nutrients in your body. If you want to live and enjoy a longer life, a clearer mind, and a healthier body, you need to make serious lifestyle changes.

With a healthy, filling diet and exercise, you can increase your lifespan and enhance your quality of life. Talk to your physician today and discover the best way to improve your lifestyle today.

John Norwood
John Norwood is best known as a technology journalist, currently at Ziddu where he focuses on tech startups, companies, and products.