Leading Australian consumer comparison website launches in USA in 2020

Leading Australian consumer comparison website launches in USA in 2020

MakesCents.com.au is set to appear in the US starting November this year.

Widely considered as a leading online comparison site in Australia, MakesCents sets foot on US shores and does what it does best- compare Solar, Utilities, Electricity, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Personal Loans and Mortgages so you can save money.

Makes Cents rose to fame in Australia by giving discerning consumers the best deals on life insurance by collaborating with tier 1 and 2 life policy companies. The website grew and so did its comparison options.

In just a short time MakesCents.com.au has been recognized as one of the best online comparison sites in its niche. The decision to expand to US audiences came after the revelation that most of the country’s citizens will want the best deal for such an important asset in their lives.

Life insurance is no joke, and MakesCents takes away the hassles of going through a dozen different websites to see what products or services are available by having all the information contained in one place. Furthermore, the online comparison tool provides multiple quotes (as much as 25) in just under a minute.

The au version of MakesCents gives viewers a sneak peek of the following services they can expect come November this year:

Compare Gas and Electricity. With rising costs year after year it makes total sense to regularly check and see which providers can give you maximum value for money.

Compare Solar Costs. Consumers can go off-the-grid and not have to rely on major electric companies with a solar setup. Homes can also lower their carbon footprint this way.

Compare Home Loans. Home loans are a significant investment and require a good deal of thought and care. On MakesCents.com.au visitors will be delighted to know that they can compare and quote on home loans from leading companies.

John Norwood
John Norwood is best known as a technology journalist, currently at Ziddu where he focuses on tech startups, companies, and products.