Lace Front Wigs - What Are They?

Lace Front Wigs – What Are They?

In your search for the perfect wig you may have come across the term ‘lace front wig’. But what is it, and what benefits can you get from wearing or choosing it?

What Is a Lace Front Wig?

A lace front wig is a type of wig that uses an attachment that’s affixed to the wearer’s scalp or hair.

Lace front wigs are often called ‘lace frontals’ and have different methods of being attached, with sewing, fortification and glueless some of the most common techniques. ‘Lace’ is the material used, and it’s thin and delicate, yet allows very little space between the skin and wig. Furthermore, it’s breathable and comfortable, which means you can wear it for long periods of time.

This type of wig is fairly durable, with some lasting for up to three years with the proper care. You can opt for human hair wigs if you want something that will stay with you for a long time.

Lace Wig Benefits

Wide Variety of Options

Lace front wigs come in virtually every hair type, from Indian, Peruvian and even Brazilian virgin hair. You can pick the thickness and length, and even the shade.

This kind of freedom may not be available in other wig types, which makes it more versatile. You can choose the style and how you wish to appear, and chances are that there’s a lace front wig that serves as the perfect companion for it.

You Can Style It Any Way

Ordinary wigs are restrictive because of the fact that you need to conceal the wefts. This isn’t a problem with lace fronts, as the hair is sewn in and you can part the hair however you want without worrying about revealing the wefts.

What’s so great about lace front wigs is that you have a greater amount of freedom. You can treat it like real hair and style them differently every day if you want.

Light and Breathable

Lace front wigs have come a long way from traditional wigs in that they’re more user-friendly in the weight and comfort department. Lace wigs are generally lighter than most other wig types, and they’re breathable too.

The lace material is sheer, thin and delicate, and won’t make the wearer feel awkward or hot even during prolonged use. This is especially important for those who are out and about for long periods of time.

Offers a Natural Appearance

Perhaps the best part of choosing a lace front wig is how natural it looks on people. The design and highest point are all intended to make it wear normal for those from all walks of life.

Lace frontals are made differently- the hair is sewn into the base to make it appear that it’s growing out of your second scalp. To the casual onlooker, the wig is near-undetectable unless the wearer chooses to reveal it or upon close inspection. High quality lace front wigs are even better as they are usually made from real virgin hair, and have premium lace materials.

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