Just bought a new Subaru Forester? Check out these 8 accessories you HAVE to get next!

Just bought a new Subaru Forester? Check out these 8 accessories you HAVE to get next!

So you’ve just picked up your brand new Subaru Forester and you’re ready for a road trip. But before you start packing and downloading those podcasts and playlists, you’ve got one final thing to consider.

Your Subaru Forester accessories.

That’s right.

The gear you don’t think you need until it’s too late. See below for 7 accessories that your Subaru Forester simply cannot do without.

 How to choose accessories

First, how to choose. When thinking about what accessories you need – consider your lifestyle. Are you an avid camper? Do you go fishing? You might be more concerned with protecting your car from the elements, or maybe it’s all about having the bling. Here’s some top Subaru Forester Accessories for your next trip:

 1. Roof box

It’s essential. Without it, you forgo litres of spare space on the roof, with it, you can store anything from extra luggage, fishing rods, dog food, and all the things you don’t want running up next to you in the back seat. Essentially, you’re getting another boot, on top of your car.

2. Bicycle carrier

Subaru actually offers a couple of options when it comes to transporting bicycles. The reason being many customers own bikes and take them out on weekends, or for day trips up and down the coast. The Forester, with its A-class ground clearance, is ideal for clambering up slopes in the southwest for some of WA’s best mountain biking trails. With a rooftop mounted bike clip and a tow bar mounted rack, there are ample options for families with more than just one or two bikes in tow.

 3. Cargo net

If you haven’t ever owned cargo nets you simply don’t know what you’re missing out on. And who knew that such a simple device could make daily life so much easier. Basically, these genius nets stop your loose objects from rolling around in the boot. Think balls, shoes, sports gear, first aid kit, tools you name it, now all secure in one place.

 4. Mudguards

These serve an important dual purpose, especially if you’re thinking of taking your Forester off the beaten track. Yes, they guard your car against mud splashes, but they also stop small stones and debris from flying up and slowly eating away at your paintwork. For re-sale value, mudguards are an excellent way of preserving value and keeping your car away from the car-wash.

 5. Surfboard carrier

Paddling out for a morning surf before work is one of the divine reasons why we live in Western Australia. Having quick access to your board is key, and sliding it into the boot where it’s at risk of cracking rear windscreens and bumping heads just isn’t anyone’s idea of fun. Subaru even has custom paddleboard carriers for those who prefer the flatter waters in the morning.

 6. Tow bar

Want to tow something? Anything? You’ll need one of these.

Even if you’re not into towing, the moment someone asks you if you have a tow bar is the very moment you can either be the hero or grimace and shake your head. Having a tow bar can be extremely helpful. Even if you don’t own anything that actually needs towing.

 7. Side up Wheel step

You’ve just been tasked with packing the roof box. You’ve got some heavy bags to lift up there but you’re not exactly looking forward to the lifting that will ensue. Good thing you’ve invested in a Subaru wheel step. Designed to fit directly onto the back wheel to prove extra height and support when doing the loading. This smart contraption slides easily into the boot, taking up hardly any room at all.

 8. Car cover

If you’re parking your Forester in the driveway outside for extended periods of time, you will want a car cover. Getting a form-fitted protective cover can do wonders to your paintwork, keeping your car looking as fresh as its first day on the roads. In the event of heavy storms, hail, or debris, you can have peace of mind knowing your Forester is well protected underneath.

 Why get genuine Subaru accessories?

Alright, but why get Subaru accessories when you can just grab this gear from Amazon? It’s a good question – and the answer is simple. Your car is worth more with genuine Subaru parts than without. It’s like when you take your car to a certified Subaru dealership for a service – the same goes for accessories. When it comes to design and quality, there’s no doubt that authentic Subaru Accessories are the better choice.

John Norwood
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