Brick Repointing - A Complete Guide

Brick Repointing – A Complete Guide

What is Brick Repointing?

The pointing within brickwork is defined as the exterior section of the mortar joints. Brick repointing is a process which involves the restoration or repair of this pointing.

Pointing, otherwise known as jointing, is generally required when decay and weathering create voids to the mortar between bricks and allow water to enter. Ageing and strong winds, particularly within coastal areas, can also cause similar issues.

Natural stonework is also often affected because it is more porous than bricks and therefore more susceptible to water or wind damage.

How Does Tuckpointing Differ to Repointing?

Tuckpointing is slightly different to repointing as it involves the use of two contrasting colours of mortar. One of the two colours will match the brickwork to create a seamless integration.

Why is it Required?

Once the bricks, stonework or mortar become damaged they can cause several issues –

  1. The structural integrity of the retaining or boundary wall can be compromised, which can be hazardous

  2. The wall can become unsightly and potentially reduce the value of your property

What is Involved?

At Halls Construction, we remove the flaking or crumbling mortar and replace it with the same or similar coloured mortar.

Whereby the bricks also need to be replaced, we will also find a similar or exact matching brick to ensure that the affected area is seamless and looks like new.

DIY Repointing

Although brick repointing is a relatively straightforward process, it is best practise to engage the services of an experienced company to ensure the results are effective long-lasting.

What to Look for When Hiring a Brick Repointing Company?

There are several questions you can ask when looking to engage a brick repointing company –

  1. How much experience do they have?
    By engaging an experienced company you are reducing your risks of poor quality workmanship and customer service. Try to aim for companies with a minimum of 10 years experience.

  2. Do they have a solid reputation?
    Check online for customer reviews to ensure that they have a solid reputation.

  3. Do they offer an obligation-free on-site inspection and quote?
    Any reputable company will visit your house to inspect your brick or limestone wall, discuss your options and offer expert advice, along with a comprehensive quotation.

  4. Can they match your particular bricks and mortar?
    An experienced brick repointing company will have a network of bricks and mortar suppliers, enabling them to match just about any type of brick and/or mortar. This is an important question if you have a unique style or colour.

  5. Are they fully insured?
    Comprehensive insurance will provide some peace of mind in the event of an accident.

  6. Do they clean the area and remove the old rubble?
    After brick repointing is completed, the area should be thoroughly cleaned. Following this, they should separate the brick rubble from the general rubble and transport it to a recycling facility where it can be processed and used for the construction of roads.

  7. Do they offer a competitive price/quote?
    Price is always an important factor in all decisions, however make sure that you also take into consideration the factors listed above when making your decision. It is also important to ask if there may be any additional or hidden costs associated with the brick repointing services.

Brick Repointing from Halls Construction

Halls Construction have over 25 years of industry experience in brick repointing services. We are fully insured, offer on-site inspections and can match just about any colour or style of bricks and mortar. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and schedule an on-site inspection and quotation.

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