JB Battery Launches New Custom Golf Cart Batteries Made of Lithium Ion

JB Battery Launches New Custom Golf Cart Batteries Made of Lithium Ion

Huizhou, China. JB Battery stands among the forefront of golf cart batteries with the unveiling of its custom lithium ion battery line.

JB Battery, a respected company in China has released a new cutting edge battery technology lineup. Golf enthusiasts and those who ride a golf cart can now choose to power their vehicles with 72v, 48v or 36v lithium ion variants.

Since its inception JB Battery has been one of the most innovative companies around. Today, it expands upon that by becoming a LifePo4 Golf Cart Battery Pack Supplier.

The Move to Lithium Ion Battery Technology

JB Battery has explored the possibilities of powering golf carts and other machines using lithium ion.

Lithium ion is rated better than AGM, gel or lead acid batteries in many ways. For instance, the compound can withstand higher levels of abuse without incurring battery failure. The batteries made by JB Battery is engineered to prevent over-discharging and over-charging, thus ensuring a longer life span.

Lithium ion batteries are more dependable and lighter in weight than its traditional golf cart battery counterparts, which make them ideal in just about any power-hungry application.

China Lithium Ion golf cart battery factory guarantees that the lithium ion variant lasts longer, charge faster and are maintenance free. The company’s LifePO4 batteries are compatible with existing AGM, lead acid and gel batteries.

About JB Battery

JBBattery is a manufacturer of lithium ion batteries in China with an eye on quality and improving their products year in and year out.

The company’s China custom ev lithium ion battery factory is located in Huizhou and follows standard protocols in line with golf cart batteries.

Worldwide, JB Battery has distributed more than 15,000 batteries and to the satisfaction of their customers. Currently, the professional custom lithium ion golf cart battery pack manufacturer has the largest LifePO4 battery inventory in the whole world.

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