IT Outstaffing definition, pros/cons and how does it work

IT Outstaffing: definition, pros/cons and how does it work?

What’s It Outstaffing

The term IT outstaffing is not new in the tech market. It came to the scene as a new form of hiring remote workers when the old good outsourcing started showing flaws. So what do we call IT outstaffing? IT outstaffing is a kind of remote employment when a hired person carries all the duties and responsibilities for a company (or a client) while being officially hired by another company. The latter acts as an employee thus are responsible for wages, taxes, insurance, etc while a client company provides a worker with tasks and assignments.

One of the core benefits of IT outstaffing is that it can cover the growing lack of talents that haunt the tech industry. Such a form of employment best suits those companies who want to enlarge their existing team of tech specialists quickly and have ultimate control over the workflow and projects.

How Does IT Outstaffing Work

Now when it’s pretty clear what IT outstaffing is, let’s figure out how it works on the example of Rexsoft outstaffing company. So how to get an outstaffing team of gems from Rexsoft?

Select a team:

decide on whom you want to hire to develop your project and choose among several candidates offered to complete a dream team.


set an appointment to interview the team you’ve chosen.


Rexsoft provides services according to compliance with US law. You discuss the terms of a contract and sign it to start legal cooperation.

The launch. From the moment you sign a contract, Rexsoft gems start working on your project. It’s the quickest launch you’ve ever seen.

IT Outstaffing: Pros and Cons

IT outstaffing is gaining popularity all around the world, partially thanks to the Covid pandemic. This is not a surprise since the IT outstaffing option is convenient both to a client company and IT specialists. While IT specialists get an opportunity to work on interesting projects without risking or having to be permanently employed, client companies get a far wider range of benefits. Here they are.

Cost Savings

If you’re planning to implement one project that requires web developers, designers, or any other kind of a prof, but your company can’t afford them, applying to an outstaffing company is a good way to save money. You don’t have to hire tech specialists on a permanent basis and pay them a monthly salary. All you need is to conclude a contract and have the vendor staff fully dedicated to your project.

Better Control Over The Project

One of the reasons to turn to the outstaffing model is having more daily hands-on management. In this scenario, a client company is the product manager. It’s you who coordinates the resources, handles quality assurance, and gathers team meetings.

Faster Time To Market

One more significant advantage of IT outstaffing is speed. No need to hold lengthy research in order to find professionals that would perfectly fit your project. Not a single minute will pass from the time you sign a contract to the moment when a team gets to work.

Better Flexibility

Hassle-free employment of the experienced gems, isn’t it what all employers dream of? An Outstaffing model can bring this dream to life. You pay for the vendor company, get a dedicated team, while the vendor is responsible for the payroll. Besides, you can be totally flexible when it comes to increasing or decreasing the number of hired specialists.

High-Quality Talend-Mapping

Finding creative and experienced gems is not an easy task as the true geniuses have already been taken by large corporations and the newbies need a long time to be trained. With an IT outstaffing company, you get the professionals of the IT sphere to your project right away.

With any outstaffing model, there are some challenges. The most common disadvantage of IT outstaffing is the following:

The Necessity To Provide Good Communication Channels

With a vendor staff working remotely or at least separately from your team, it’s important to provide them with good communication channels. Your in-house and your outstaffing teams should have an instant and unbreakable connection. Make sure the reporting of a vendor team is fully transparent. A necessity to provide a direct communication system and stay involved daily lies on the shoulders of a client company.

IT Outstaffing Services From Rexsoft

IT outstaffing services from Rexsoft are the best choice companies could make to get the gems of the IT market to work on their projects. Rexoft hires professionals working with almost every actual framework for web and mobile software development. Don’t hesitate and let your idea grow into a prosperous project with Rexsoft.

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