IT Management Statistics for Business Homework Help

IT Management Statistics for Business Homework Help

Technology has become wide spread in the current world compared to the older days. In the older times technology was just limited to few technological companies and it was still not fully exploited. Companies around the world have been forced by the needs to endorse technology in their activities or they will end up having their operations negatively affected. In the current world it has become a must to use technology in company operations. When good and effective technology is involved in management activities of a company it ends up making all the operations a success. Technology simplifies production activities and those involved in the running of activities in the firm have simplified tasks. Introduction of IT ensures that a company has a good website and uses the most appropriate e-commerce channels to help carry out their operations. This research paper will mainly focus on developing a good IT plan that may be used by any enterprise to make its management activities more effective and ensure the firm develops a good competitive advantage that will end up bringing profitability of the company.

            A good IT management plan helps in unifying all the business homework help goals and the available IT infrastructure. It helps streamline the business workflow through the optimization of various IT processes that helps save on operational costs.  A company that is not utilizing the best technology has harder times in planning its operations since there is no good coordination in business activities. Technology states clear procedures to be followed when doing an activity and those involved in it have set clear guidelines.

            This business has only a website that is used in promoting its activities but it does not have a good e-commerce strategy. It needs to set up an effective e-commerce plan that will help in its activities. E commerce site will do the job of the website and will also help in management activities because it has set guidelines of operation. This company is a baking firm that has been in existence for over a decade now but with limited success since it has not yet appreciated the use of technology. The revenues for the company have been ranging between $ 50,000 and $ 150,000 since the first operational year. The increments have stagnated for a longer time because as per the set targets the company was to be above the $500,000 revenue by the time of operating for a decade. This target has not been fully met because of the poor technology that does not help in good marketing strategies.  The various products involved in the company include cakes of different sizes, pizzas, distribution of soft drinks and other forms of pastries as per order.

            A management plan is a template document showing the current operations of a company and the expected operations after the new changes in the company are fully implemented. The proposed management plan should have a strategic planning that states all the various achievements the company expects to get after the technology has been endorsed. The company has to analyze and know the current existing technology, how it has been operating, its failures and weaknesses and the various issues that need to be addressed so that the management will be effective. After the report is clearly detailed and the best fit e-commerce technology is identified the procedure to be used in installation and configuration the proposed system. This integrates all the factors, opportunities, risks, budgets, time frames and conformity to the latest practices in the bakery industry.

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