3 Reasons Online Gaming Is Considered Serious Business

3 Reasons Online Gaming Is Considered Serious Business

The gaming industry has evolved into a billion dollar business. More than that, the proliferation of the world wide web opens up a world of opportunities for players and enthusiasts alike.

Online gaming is considered serious business for the following reasons.

Encompassing All Kinds of Demographics

It’s mind-boggling to see how gaming has reached all demographics and income levels. Now, anyone who has access to the internet and has a smartphone gets a chance to compete on a global platform. Sponsors and gaming companies attract players by offering up huge prize pools.

The computer has changed from a simple workhorse to an entertainment machine for all ages. So goes the same for dedicated gaming consoles, handheld machines and peripherals.

Online gaming is snowballing to greater heights, thanks to emerging technologies such as VR, 5G networks and global servers. Now, you can easily play Royal Online when you feel like it anytime during the day.

Greater Opportunities

Gaming is not just a distraction but a career opportunity. It’s wholly possible to earn money playing games when you stream on YouTube, Twitch or Facebook gaming. Gaming personalities are now as big as TV show figures and even Hollywood actors and actresses.

In the same vein, developing a game has become easier, and access to global app distribution platforms is as easy as uploading the completed work to App Store or Play Store. Prize pools on popular games now reach $1 million or more.

Gaming-Oriented Technology

You’ll know gaming is a huge business when hardware companies and manufacturers dedicate entire divisions to get a piece of the pie. Aside from faster computers and consoles, and gaming peripherals such as gamepads, mice and arcade sticks which promise greater immersion and graphical processing, there are new ways to play, e.g., AR and VR are good examples of what we can expect in the near future.

John Norwood
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