It Hurts to Run, Now What?

It Hurts to Run, Now What?

One of the worst things to experience is pain while running, especially if you are an avid runner. As soon as you experience any pain while running, you should meet with a foot and ankle doctor in Phoenix to receive a diagnosis and treatment plan to get you back in your running shoes. 

First Step to Pain-Free Running

First things first, find out what exactly triggers your pain! Is your foot? Your heel? Your ankle? It could be for many different reasons.

The most common injury that causes running to be painful is plantar fasciitis, which is known as heel pain. Luckily, there are many treatment options available since it is so common.

Receive Treatment

Once you figure out what is going on with your foot, try to rest, elevate, and apply ice to see if your pain will go away on its own. 

If the pain continues, then it is time to step up your game. You may need to try orthotics, physical therapy, laser treatments, or sometimes surgery is the only trick. 

After receiving treatment, be patient. It is going to take time for your injury to heal. This means keeping off your feet at much as possible and absolutely no running!

Ways to Still Be Active

Of course, even while you are healing, you want to stay active as there are many benefits to physical activity. Since you are unable to run, you must find other exercises that are safe for your injury.  

Some physical therapy treatment plans include swimming, which is extremely easy on the joints. It is not only a great form of just physical therapy but also physical exercise as it increases your heart rate.

If you are looking for an option at the gym, go for the elliptical. This is also easy on your joints and is very similar to running. Or get on the bike! Cycling can boost the heart rate and be used as strength training. 

When to Run Again

When it is time to start running again, start back into it slowly and only with doctor approval.

Be easy and patient with your running. It may take time, but you will be able to get back to where you were without experiencing any pain. 

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