Is Online Couples Therapy Right For My Marriage?

Is Online Couples Therapy Right For My Marriage?

If you and your partner have a busy schedule and have a hard time making appointments, there is the  beauty of online couples therapy. You can still receive all the benefits of attending in person sessions, but it is more convenient and more likely for you and your partner to attend to get the help you need to repair your relationship.

The Benefits

There are many benefits to couples therapy in general. But online couples therapy is even a more beneficial tool.

It is always a good idea to try couples therapy to strengthen your relationship as every couple goes through rocky times. But it can be difficult to find a time in your busy schedule to go to sessions. This is where online sessions can help. It gives couples the opportunity to meet on a more consistent basis. It also is more comforting in their own home so they’re more likely to open up. Many couples feel safer in their own home and end up being more honest with each other during online sessions. This creates a greater intimacy between the parties. And you will get every minute out of the sessions which makes it even more efficient. This means, no waiting time in the waiting room.

Different Types of Couples Therapy

All different types of therapy can be delivered through online couples therapy as such as EFT. This is emotionally focused therapy, which identifies key emotions a person is feeling. This types of therapy helps couples understand each other’s feelings and adds respect and communication to the relationship.

Scottsdale eft couples therapy is just one type of couples therapy. The best way to know which type of couples therapy is to visit with a therapist to discuss your options and what you are looking to get out of therapy.

How To Get Started

All you need is a quiet place and a computer or phone that can connect with a video conference app. It’s easy to schedule and all of your information is private and secure.

As long as both parties in the relationship are on board for online couples therapy, it can really be a life changing thing.

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