iOS 15.4 To Allow Third-party Apps What It Will Change

iOS 15.4 To Allow Third-Party Apps: What It Will Change

Apple has released the news that all iOS lovers have been awaiting for over a decade now. That is the acceptance of third-party applications in the next iOS update. Apple has named their most anticipated update iOS version 15.4.

This update has many other features, but the most discussed one is that it allows third-party applications, opening up a whole new horizon for iOS users. In this article, we will be discussing everything about this new feature update and what you can get out of it. So keep on reading to know more about this feature of the iOS 15.4 update.

Free Application

As iOS users, we couldn’t help but feel jealous of Android users who could simply use pirated applications to bypass payments from the Play store. It was impossible for iOS devices to run a third-party app, and we needed to go through the app store. Well, if you were using Jailbreak, then it was possible for you to get outside the app, but it would void your warranty.

There was no safe alternative until the announcement of iOS 15.4. This latest update will allow the installation of third-party apps on iPhones and iPads. Thanks to that, you can now download an app from an open source and bypass any payment wall the app store provides you. Now you can play most paid games for free and use most apps that require in-app purchases for free, too.

The Entry of Modded Application

Modded applications are, simply put, cracked versions of official apps. For example, if an app is costing you in-app purchases to utilise its full function, you can just go to Google and download a modded version of that app. This way, you can use the app and do not need to pay anything. This is a great feature that Android users have had for over a decade now.

However, iOS users will also be able to access such apps now, thanks to Apple’s third-party app acceptance. Remember that some apps cannot be hacked and modded because of an extra layer of security- for example, hackers can’t hack the game PUBG and items from its store.

Moreover, hackers can easily hack simple games, and you can play them with features like unlimited in-game cash! You should know that you cannot use a modded casino application.

If you wish to play casinos online in CA, you will need to go through official channels like the app store to install the casino app and then play. The reason is simple: casino apps are monitored in real-time, like online multiplayer games. These apps can’t be hacked, and if you get caught using a modded application, you will be banned forever.