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Inclusive Hairstyles Petition for Animal Crossing: New Horizons Appears Online

A petition, titled ‘Create more inclusive hairstyles for Animal Crossing’ has gained steam after it appeared on the internet. In the first 3 days, the petition has snowballed to 15K signatures and has surpassed 30K currently, with the goal being 35K.

The request is for Nintendo to add inclusive hair choices for its avatars, specifically ‘beautiful, bouncy curls’. Taniesha Bracken-Hucks, the creator of the petition has mentioned how “Every person should feel represented when playing a game they love and making their avatar. Ethnic hairstyles are often forgotten.”

Bracken-Hucks hopes that her hair type will appear in-game and thus make everyone feel represented. She reflected that Nintendo has made efforts in racial inclusion in the past, and adding several hairstyles can cement the company’s acceptance of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ slogan.

The petition is on pace to hit its target soon, but there’s no assurance that it will be added. However, there was one petition in that asked Nintendo to change a typo in the game’s menu, which was changed without garnering an official response.

Vicki Hake
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