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Google Assistant Gets a Slew of ‘Back to School’ Features

Google Assistant can help recreate the feel and rhythm of going to school on the first day.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues students are forced to stay in their homes for the time being. Google aims to help with that by emulating goings-on in traditional classrooms and more with new Google Assistant updates.

Users can say ‘Hey Google, create a Family Bell’ and the assistant will set a reminder for recess, nap time or when school’s in session. Also, there’s a broadcast feature where you can send messages to particular smart speakers found within the house.

Users can try saying ‘Hey Google, start the school day’, and smart speakers will play morning hallway sounds, while smart lights will show patterns of yellow, orange and red.

Last but not the least is the ‘Animal of the Day’, where you can learn about a new animal every day, including its details, the sound it makes and how you can draw the creature.

Emma Goldstein
Emma covers politics, platform policy, and big tech at Ziddu. Prior to joining Ziddu, she was the Tech Editor of the Daily Dot and a reporter at ReadWriteWeb.