How to Choose a Best Online Yoga Teacher Training Course

How to Choose a Best Online Yoga Teacher Training Course

So, you are thinking of pursuing a yoga teacher training course online? That’s awesome. Even if you do not have any intention to teach yoga, doing a 500 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is fantastic. It is one of the life-transforming decisions you will take for yourself.

But with so many options available online, how do you decide which program is best for you? How do you know if the one you choose is worth your time and money?

Choose an online yoga teacher training that perfectly fits your requirements.

It’s not an easy task to obtain a yoga teacher certification. There are a plethora of yoga teacher training program providers; therefore, figuring out the one who is a perfect fit for your style is not only challenging but also tricky. With virtual learning, things have become a bit easier but selecting the right program is also essential.

Here are a few things you should consider while selecting an online yoga teacher training course:

Which style of yoga suits you?

Modern-day yoga provides you with various styles for all kinds of tastes. Before you pick a yoga instructor for your certification course, it’s essential to ask yourself: “which style of yoga will suit me?” Suppose you want to go with vinyasa, then you should know that it is more fluid and creative, and if you want to go with Hatha yoga, it focuses more on strength. So, choose a style that brings excitement to you. If possible, you can consult teachers offering yoga certification online before deciding.

How are the classes delivered?

It is enticing to believe that virtual yoga sessions give you an experience very close to the in-person training experience of ytt. But some drawbacks include low quality of sound, challenges in group discussions, and delays. In a good-sized live group class, the instructor will have significantly less visibility on how you are practicing. Pre-recordings are of high quality, allow you to pause between and replay videos, and take your time to integrate and learn at your own speed. But learning to be a yoga teacher needs exclusive guidance and feedback. Ensure your training offers feedback that the instructor can rectify and give you proper guidance.

Try to know about instructors:

People who will be teaching you will have a high impact on the kind of yoga instructor you will become. So, it’s essential to know about their knowledge and expertise. Try to know what they are sharing and the way they will share. Ensure you resonate well with the instructor’s philosophy, personality, and experience. Never be afraid to reach out to them and talk to them. Try one or two of their classes to know if you are feeling safe and inspired by them.

Check whether the school is responsive or not.

How the school is answering your questions and inquiries is a good reflection of how they support their students. As you are going to invest some of your weeks or months and your hard-earned money with them, you should make sure that they care about you. Do not hesitate to ask the questions in your mind and observe how they reply.

Check whether the school has a community or not. Learning through online mode is often lonely. When you have the support of a community, it motivates you to complete your online yoga teacher training course. Make sure your yoga school provides various ways to remain connected with your peers and support outside the classroom.

Check the credentials: Yoga alliance has approved for delivery of online classes for some specific schools. You can get them listed on their registered provider directory at yoga alliance. Try to verify that the school you have chosen is on that list, and double-check all other claims about the yoga school and their online yoga certification.

What all are included in the class?

Fees for online yoga teacher training ranges from a hundred dollars to a few thousand. Spending less is attractive, but the low price might also reflect low support and teachers with less experience. Also, check what is included in the package in order to avoid spending more than what you had expected on the books and materials, certification and final exams, etc. All of these things get added up very quickly, so ensure to find out what all are included and in which value.

Check the schedule: Some online yoga teacher training course are offered at fixed times. Therefore, it is essential to consider the learning style and self-commitments while selecting online yoga teacher training. Lookout for a balance between theory and physical classes. Make sure you are flexible enough to adapt to all your requirements, and the class schedule should match perfectly with your life. Consider the amount of time you have to complete your training and the number of hours you can devote to your training.

Know what the past students are saying?

Nothing is better to know about an online yoga teacher certification than hearing about them from their past students. Please review the testimonials and reach out to their past students to learn about their experiences. They will be happy to provide you with their insights, and you can know about things you cannot know from the sales page of the school.

Check how they are teaching anatomy: This is a big thing. Ensure that the 300 or 200-hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh have anatomy teaching session in their program. Even it’s good to perform some research on what the trainer of the program is teaching in that section. Anatomy might not seem like a big deal when you are middle of memorizing all Sanskrit names for the postures and finding out how to structure them correctly. A strong understanding of the human anatomy transforms your yoga practice and allows you to bring more consciousness to your teaching in public and private classes.

Yoga is one of the popular remedies for exploring generations. There are several benefits of yoga teacher training. You will find consolation in how it brings you back to the center in the middle of this technology-driven and data-obsessed world. Yoga schools in Rishikesh understand this, and they also have a good understanding that training programs are one of the best ways for all yoga schools to earn some money. This is why many schools take shortcuts where they allow inexperienced teachers to lead training, teach half course through Skye, etc. So, you should remain aware of this situation and thoroughly understand the vitality of completing your homework and choosing the best training school for yourself.

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