How executive recruitment software helps head-hunters supercharge the search process

How executive recruitment software helps head-hunters supercharge the search process

The executive search industry is known for being competitive. Head-hunters are always striving hard to deliver the results as efficiently as possible. The best executive candidates are highly coveted, especially if they are from niche industries. It is challenging for head-hunters to locate and identify top-tier executives as and when the clients need one. This is where executive recruitment software like Talentis comes in.

Proactive head-hunters rely on their technology partner to not just support their work but also provide solutions to improve their quality of service. An executive recruiting software partner does that by:

•                Automating repetitive admin work

•                Identifying quality executive candidates

•                Helping analyse big data

•                Strengthening communication system

•                Improving brand image

A good recruitment CRM plays a key role in improving and amplifying the search process. The workflow is streamlined, productivity is very high, and the clients are satisfied with the search process. It also facilitates head-hunters in providing a better candidate experience for the executive candidates.

Even today, when digital technology has taken over the world, many head-hunters are still tied up in tedious administrative tasks. This is usually very time-consuming work which is better left for recruitment software. Features like CV parsing and branding are great examples of how head-hunters can benefit from using executive search software. The tasks they spend long hours on are completed within minutes by a recruitment CRM.

As already mentioned above, organizing a list of suitable executives immediately is not easy. Senior-level and C-suite executives do not publicly announce their intention or willingness to look for new opportunities. Head-hunters often resort to finding suitable candidates using their connections or via social media platforms like LinkedIn or GatedTalent.

Executive recruitment CRM software enables social media integration which is useful for moving smoothly between different platforms. Once certain executives are identified as potential candidates, the next step usually is to copy candidate data into the software. However, it removes the need to copy information manually. Instead, the candidate’s social media account is made directly accessible from within the recruitment CRM.

Executive search firms also use big data like many other organizations across different industries. Big data offers a massive amount of structured and unstructured information which users need to organize into accessible and useable format on their own. AI-enabled recruitment software ensures that information from big data is available to head-hunters in a structured format. It also helps to analyse the data. Without the help of quality executive recruitment software, only expert data analysts can examine and make sense of the data.

A two-way strong communication system strengthens relationships between candidate and head-hunter. The software makes transparent communication easy to maintain. Email and text messages are recorded in the software. It is also encouraged to record any discussion or meeting notes for future use. Sending quick emails or reminder texts is also made effortless.

This is significant to boost the head-hunter and the executive search firm’s brand image. Having an excellent brand rating is fundamental in gaining new clients and finding more executives who are willing to work with them.

John Norwood
John Norwood is best known as a technology journalist, currently at Ziddu where he focuses on tech startups, companies, and products.