Honor System for PvP in TBC Classic Needs to Be Addressed!

Honor System for PvP in TBC Classic Needs to Be Addressed!

How to Farm Honor in TBC Classic?

Getting honor is very different for the two sides of the conflict. Therefore the wow tbc honor farm is also quite different. Because we have to wait for hours in the BG queues, that significantly reduces the honor acquisition rate. But there are a few tricks that can help you farm those honor points faster. If you’re playing the horde. In the pre-patch times, while in the queue, Horde players used to go to the Hellfire Citadel and farm whatever alliance players came there for questing. Depending on the size of your party, you could get about 7-11 hp while you’re waiting for the BG. Now with more players spread across many zones, it’s become tough to concentrate on one area. But, one of the good ideas that you could employ is to go to the place for the Heroic of the day. Alliance players would go there first to get that extra bit of XP, which means for you that there’ll be plenty of players to farm. When outnumbered, it helps to stay on the sidelines, picking players off as they retreat. Now, this might not always be possible. And just like that, depending on how many people are there, you might end up earning about 500 HP or even more. Then you just go into the BG and earn your marks of honor by playing to win. Killing players in world PVP must be the most fun activity the game has to offer.

Why Is It So Hard to Do?

That said, some gamers have been saying that obtaining tbc honor gear has become even more difficult than in the Classic. The blue set of gear is taking way too long to obtain because of crazy-long queues, making the honor farm terrible. Even when you get into the BG after 50-60 minutes of waiting, you’re likely to run into a premade. Unlike in retail, you don’t have that mercenary system where you can add players or NPCs from the opposite faction to have faster matchmaking. This evens things out quite a bit, and it’s a huge success for the retail. But how can you make queues shorter in TBC Classic? Because of this problem, even fewer players are queuing up. Nobody wants to wait that long, and that’s understandable. There’s only one thing that can effectively help you with gaining HP, and that’s the TBC honor boost. With this service, you won’t ever have to worry about waiting for hours in queues, focusing on the rewards, and not waiting and wasting time. Speaking of time, this service is super-fast. No matter how much honor you need, you’ll get it faster than anyone, and that’s a guarantee. Do not wait for the devs to go out of their way to fix what they don’t consider broken. Take the initiative into your own hands and get those points. They’re yours! If you have any further questions, you can direct them to the support team on the website. Just follow one of the links from this article!

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