Complete Guide To Understanding Erectile Dysfunction

Complete Guide To Understanding Erectile Dysfunction

In layman terms, erectile dysfunction (ED) is a condition in which it is difficult for a man to get as well as sustain an erection that would be firm enough for sex. Having some issues now and then is generally acceptable, as it occurs with most of the men.

However, if there is an increase in the frequencies of troubles related to the functioning of your penis, then it’s a warning signal. In certain cases, the situation can get worse with age if it is left untreated.

So, it is better to let go of that feeling of shame and openly tell your doctor everything that’s troubling you. Try not to use indirect methods or words with a doctor, as it can get difficult to diagnose your problem.

Moreover, keep in mind that you’re not fighting this battle alone. People have associated the word impotence with a negative connotation. As if it is something that is unnatural and should not be discussed with other people. However, this can further give way to other diseases to attack your body.

Let this guide make you more aware of the basics of erectile dysfunction. For more information, refer to erectile dysfunction experts and get your queries resolved.


Erectile dysfunction is a direct indication of cardiovascular disease, which means there could be a blockage in the arteries. Furthermore, this increases your chances of having a stroke or heart attack.

If the below-mentioned symptoms are being persistent over time, then you can visit your trusted doctor, and based on his diagnosis, he can suggest you an expert:

  • Issues with getting an erection.
  • A major decline in any form of sexual urges.
  • Issues with maintaining that erection.


Many body parts are involved in the process of male arousal. It includes the brain, muscles, emotions, blood vessels, hormones, and various nerves. A problem in the function of any of these can directly affect male erection.

Moreover, stress, tension, and work pressure from daily life can aggravate the situation. In some special cases, your present condition could be due to a mixture of both physical and psychological causes.

●     Physical causes

The common physical causes that can lead to ED are given below:

  • There is a disturbance in the flow of blood to the penis.
  • The inability of the penis to hold the blood during intercourse.
  • Signals received and delivered by the brain and special cord get lost in the way.
  • Diabetes is considered to be the main cause of damaging the nerves related to the penis.
  • Medications also play a part in this situation.
  • At times this happens to the cancer patients receiving treatment near that area.
  • Excessive smoking or tobacco use. Also alcoholism.
  • Diseases like Parkinson’s, high cholesterol, or blood pressure.
  • Another reason could be obesity.
  • Irregular sleep cycle.

●     Psychological causes

Many people argue that before the bodily reaction, a person feels sexual excitement. So, the brain plays a major role in male sexual arousal. There should be harmony between the body and mind. If the person has disturbed emotional relationships then it can negatively impact ED.

Some of the commonly known emotion causes would be:

  • Stress.
  • Depression.
  • Work-related tension.
  • Anxiety.
  • Peer pressure.
  • Being worried about the performance in bed.
  • Strained relationships.


Realizing the symptoms is the first and easiest step. Now the doctors have to check out the root cause of the problem and ways to treat it.

Basic diagnosis method includes:

  • Family and personal health history
  • Laboratory tests
  • Physical examination


It’s always advisable to stop obsessing over the functioning of your penis and let things happen naturally. There is a possibility that functioning can get slow over time and age.

You can follow a few simple steps and reduce the chances of getting ED:

  • Keep your diseases like diabetes and heart problems in check.
  •  Seek assistance from mental health professionals if you feel like having anxiety or depression.
  • Try not to miss your regular checkups.
  • Exercising might help.

Coping with Stress

If you’re well connected with your body, only then you would be able to figure out the problems that you’re facing. Generally, ED can cause a lot of stress so, a few things that can help you with it:

  • Regulate your meals and sleep.
  • Quit smoking and drinking.
  • Some form of physical activity.
  • Ask for help.
  • Maintain good emotional relationships.
  • Try to change your negative thought pattern.
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