Have Dogecoin? Now you can Play with them in Online Games

Have Dogecoin? Now you can Play with them in Online Games

Gambling online with crypto has grown in prominence. Online casinos are known to offer great bonuses and promotions when it comes to crypto gambling. Unsurprisingly, the move has drawn more players to the crypto-wagering space. 

Dogecoin (DOGE) is one kind of crypto that has been rapidly gaining ground. Casinos accepting Dogecoin are experiencing a drastic rise in their fan base. Notably, this can be attributed to how cheap and easy it is to get Dogecoins for wagering purposes. 

About Dogecoin

Unless you intentionally ignore the news and social media, you must have heard of this cryptocurrency. A few years after launch, Dogecoin wasn’t doing so well in the virtual world.

However, things have changed for the better since its value began increasing. It has continued to be a great topic among both gamblers and investors. But what is Dogecoin, you may ask?

Dogecoin is a digital currency created as a parody of a meme called doge. It features a surprised Shiba Inu dog as its face. 

Jackson Palmer (Australian) and Billy Markus from Oregon created this currency in 2013. It went online the same year. Since its inception, the amount of Dogecoins circulating has increased to +100 billion dollars.

Currently, it is one of the most used cryptocurrencies in the world. Thanks to its accessibility and friendly community, you can acquire Dogecoin easily.

The crypto’s main aim was to provide a decentralized P2P medium for online transactions. It was meant to make online purchases easier than ever before.

Dogecoin is based on Litecoin (LTC) which employs the Scrypt encryption tech. As such, Dogecoin utilizes a unique proof-of-work algorithm to process payments. If you’re familiar with crypto, you’ll understand why it is easier to mine faster.

How to Get Dogecoins for Online Wagering

If interested in using DOGE to gamble, you’ll need to learn how to get the coins. Currently, there are a plethora of options to choose from. You can use the options to sell, buy and transfer DOGE online.


This is the largest crypto exchange platform in the world. You can head over to the website and follow the steps to purchase sufficient Dogecoins for online gambling.


Established in 2012, Coinbase is an American crypto exchange platform. Today, the company is among the most trusted marketplaces for Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies.

How to top up Casino Accounts Using Dogecoin

Making deposits via Dogecoin is an easy process. It takes a couple of seconds to process. 

For starters, ensure your preferred online casino accepts Dogecoin for deposits. This information is available in the casino’s cashier/banking section where deposit options are listed.

If Dogecoin is among the options, select it to begin the transaction. You will be asked for some important information including the amount to deposit. 

Afterward, the casino will send you its crypto wallet address through which you can transfer funds. When through, your casino account balance should indicate the deposited Dogecoins.

How to Cash Out Winnings In Dogecoin

Dogecoin can also be used to withdraw winnings from a gambling site. However, you can only perform a Dogecoin cash out if you made a Dogecoin deposit. Casinos use this anti-fraud feature to ensure funds are kept safe.

In addition, withdrawals made using DOGE are relatively faster. In case of withdrawal delays, you should contact the preferred casino’s customer support. Notably, Dogecoin withdrawal limits at several online casinos are usually 0.01 DOGE per transaction.

How to Safely Store Your Dogecoin

Dogecoin, being a digital currency, can only be stored online. To facilitate online casino transactions in Dogecoin, you will need to find a compatible crypto wallet.

A quick search will reveal a massive amount of crypto wallets online. But how does one know the most reliable one? 

Well, one aspect to look at is the wallet’s popularity. Also, it is crucial to pay attention to customer reviews.

Currently, we recommend Metamask, Trust Wallet, and Atomic Wallet for hot storage. Hot storage simply means storing funds for a short time before using them. For cold storage of DOGE, you can never go wrong with Trezor Model T and Ledger Nano X.

Why Use Dogecoin in Online Gambling

Some casino enthusiasts believe that gambling in Dogecoin is relatively more profitable. Their main argument is that DOGE has higher speeds and lesser value in transactions. While this may be true, others find it easier to deal with big sums of coins rather than a thousandth fraction. 

The coin has been doing so well in recent years. As a result, it caught the attention of Tesla’s CEO who even tweeted about it. That being said, Dogecoin still has its advantages with regard to online gambling. 

For one, Dogecoin brings about anonymity in iGaming. The crypto is designed to transact without sharing your personal data. Moreover, nobody can know the casinos you visit and how much you wager. There’s no paper trail after all.

Second, Dogecoin helps you save money. Transactions in DOGE are relatively cheaper than fiat transfers. Besides, players get higher payback percentages when they wager in DOGE.

In addition, making casino transactions in Dogecoin is faster than in traditional currencies. For the most part, it takes about a minute for funds to reflect.

Lastly, with Dogecoin, you get to wager on provably fair games. Provably fair casinos are more advantageous since you can verify each outcome. As such, no gambling site will cheat you out of your hard-earned money.

How Does Dogecoin Compare to Bitcoin in iGaming?

As evidenced above, Dogecoin has its unique benefits over Bitcoin. It is quicker and costs way less than BTC, which makes it a perfect choice for instant deposits.

Obviously, BTC also has various benefits over Dogecoin. For example, it is more secure and is accepted in more casinos than other cryptos.

Everything boils down to what you are looking for. If you value smaller fees and faster deposits, DOGE would be ideal. However, if security and accessibility in casinos are your priority, BTC is what you need.

In Summary

No longer is Dogecoin a joke virtual currency based on a social media meme. It has grown to one of the best five cryptos in the world. For this reason, it was easily integrated into the iGaming space. 

After all, you can never go wrong with Dogecoin deposits and cashouts. You get to enjoy the lowest transaction fees with the fastest speeds.

Currently, DOGE is available at several gambling sites globally. So, finding a Dogecoin casino shouldn’t be an uphill task.

John Norwood
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