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Everything You Need to Know About Wiese, Norway’s Rising Music Star

Norwegian DJ and music producer Wiese is quickly rising to the top of the EDM and electropop charts. Trygve Wiese-Haugland, or ‘Wiese’ has gained recognition not just in his home country but also internationally.

Wiese’s Spotify numbers are amazing with half a million unique monthly listeners and more than 12 million plays in less than a year. Most, if not all his music can be found within the EDM categories of electropop, house and future bass.

Breaking Into the Mainstream

Wiese studied at the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration and has a Master’s degree in Business Administration and Economics. Wiese has turned into Norway’s breakout artist and has added to his credentials ever since ‘Me e Viking’.

Wiese came into the light in 2004 when he performed the single ‘Me e Viking’ at the Viking Stadion opening ceremony in front of 15,000 people. That made Wiese the first to perform in the stadium and for one of Norway’s most popular football teams.

A year after this live performance the corresponding music video was released, which turned out to become the most played music video on Norwegian National TV for three consecutive years. The song was also awarded ‘Best Viking FK Song of All Time’. In 2019 Wiese made a remake of the song, ‘Viking’, which has several million plays on Spotify, making it the most streamed Norwegian football song of all time.

Wiese’s Most Famous Songs

It is no secret that Wiese loves ‘The Lion King’, a Disney animated film that was released in the 90’s. Wiese covered one of the original song tracks, ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ during its 25th  anniversary and garnered a huge four million Spotify plays during the first six months of the song’s release.

What is Next for Wiese?

Wiese is a rising name in Spotify, with singles ‘How Can I Live’, ‘I Fell’ and ‘Never Let Me Go’ garnering millions of Spotify plays in the EDM genre. Right now he is being compared to famous artists such as his fellow Norwegians Alan Walker and Kygo as well as prominent international DJ’s and music producers.

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