Dubai Car Rental Guide to Online Booking

Dubai Car Rental Guide to Online Booking

When in Dubai it’s best to have a car so you can drive around to where you need to go. One way of doing this is to rent a car through a reputable company.

Follow this guide to online car rentals and its procedures.

Pick the Best Car Rental Company

There are different reasons for renting a car in Dubai. You might be going on business, which means the best car to rent is a gas-efficient vehicle. On the other hand, you might be showing off to clients or friends and decide to rent Ferrari Dubai, which will achieve the desired effect.

A good car rental company will have an excellent track record, well-maintained vehicles and positive online reviews. Make sure to check them all out before making a decision.

Browse Your Car Choice and Prices

Different types of cars will have different prices, so it’s best to prevent sticker shock and have an idea of how much you need to shell out to rent Ferrari in Dubai.

The usual rate is per day, with economy options being priced the lowest. On the other hand, luxury cars can easily cost anywhere between a few hundred dollars to a cool thousand each day.

Prepare the Required Documents

Once you have your vehicle of choice and the approval from the company it’s time to gather the necessary paperwork.

Typical documents you’ll need are the following- a copy of your driver’s license, Visa page, passport and Emirates ID.

Check for Security Deposit and Insurance Policy

Before paying you will want to check the insurance policy from the car rental company. You may also need to pay the security deposit in advance before visiting the location.

Once you’re there, do a vehicle inspection and go for a test drive before taking it out. When you’re satisfied, sign the papers and you’re free to roam the streets of Dubai.

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