Ace The Fantasy Cricket Game with These Tips

Ace The Fantasy Cricket Game with These Tips

If you are a newbie who is still trying to get a hang of online fantasy cricket, you must be on the lookout for some fantasy cricket tips and tricks to help you have a winning success. Well, then we are here to share some insights that can prepare you to participate in the fantasy cricket league and ace the game. Always remember fantasy cricket is more than just mere luck, it’s about being knowledgeable, attentive, and have strong analytical skills. Let’s take a look at some simple yet game-changer tips.

Pick The Playing 11’s – First and the foremost thing is to pick players who are active in the match. If you lack this information, you may end up picking a player who is injured or not a part of playing 11’s and entering the contest with a lesser number of players, which can be a huge loss. Most of the fantasy cricket app indicate this information, gathering information from other cricketing websites is wise.

Analyze the Recent Performance of the Players –  Before you pick your dream team, you must be abreast with the recent performance of the players, which will give you a fair idea of their potential. Don’t just go with the big names, check the history of the number of wickets they have taken, or their batting score in the total number of balls. Also, map them against the opponents and see where they stand.

Consider the Pitch and Weather Condition – We are all well aware that pitch condition has a huge impact on the performance of the players. Check if the pitch makes the ball spin a lot, or does it work in the favor of the pacers. This valuable information can help you decide the kind of bowlers you would like to pick for your team. Picking a team when there is a bad weather forecast can throw you off the game, rains can be a big spoiler, so stay informed about the prevailing weather conditions.

Well-Balanced Team – A well-balanced team is a key to success. You need to blend batsmen, bowlers, and wicket-keeper so that your team drives overall high performance. The individual potential of each player needs to be assessed, rather than just picking famous names.

Choose the Captain and Vice-Captian Intelligently – Think of yourself as a coach for the team you are forming. Identifying the most suitable captain and vice-captain is crucial because the captain earns double (2X) points and the points of the vice-captain are multiplied 1.5 times. Deliberate the choice before you take a final call.

Read Predictions – Experts’ insights on the upcoming matching can be very helpful in forming your decision. Most of these predictions are made well in advance giving you enough time to make the right pick.

Thoughtfully Invest – If you are a newbie it’s safe to start off playing smaller leagues with smaller investments. Once you have gained momentum, you can then leap into higher-investment leagues. Rely on your instincts while participating in multiple contests, if you feel confident then go ahead with it, your chances of winning improves.

We hope the above tips would come in handy the next time you are ready to explore the amazing world of fantasy cricket game.

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