Don't Leave Your Clients in the Dust: The Best Neck Gaiters to Stock in Your Protective Clothing Business

Don’t Leave Your Clients in the Dust: The Best Neck Gaiters to Stock in Your Protective Clothing Business

A neck gaiter can differentiate between comfort and discomfort, safety and danger. Neck gaiters’ design makes them suitable to cover your neck and other vulnerable areas of your body and are always helpful when working in hot, cold, or extreme conditions. They also protect you from dust storms and can be great for outdoor sports like skiing or snowboarding, where the wind can whip up without warning. When choosing the best neck gaiter in your business, there are several factors, including price, purpose, fabric, weight, style, and color, to consider. Here are different neck gaiters that will give your business a boom.

1.   100% Merino Wool Neck Gaiter

Merino wool provides a natural fiber that is one of nature’s best insulators. It keeps you warm and comfortable when you wear it against your skin, which is why it’s a popular material for neck gaiters. These high-quality merino wool neck gaiters will keep you warm even if they get wet. They also feature antimicrobial properties that help them resist odor buildup over time.

These features make these gaiters an excellent choice for anyone who works outdoors or spends time in areas with harsh weather conditions. If you own a business that sells protective clothing, be sure to contact a company experienced in merino wool clothing like Minus 33 and have some of these 100% merino wool neck gaiters on hand!

2.   Kodiak Fleece Brushed Neck Gaiter

To protect your neck and head against chilly winds, you need a lightweight neck gaiter like Kodiak’s brushed neck. It consists of brushed 100 percent wool microfleece, is wind-resistant, water-repellent, and machine washable. Plus, it folds into its pocket so you can take it wherever you go! Available in four colors, these breathable gaiters are an essential part of any protective clothing business.

Expedition fleece neck gaiters offer superior warmth for cold-weather outdoor activities. The super-soft high pile fleece features an oversized knit pattern allowing maximum loft and is excellent for year-round use, including spring and fall hunting seasons. The brushed surface acts as a good insulator.

3.   Woolverino Wool Multiclava

Woolverino’s Multiclava original design was for ski patrol members and search and rescue teams. Still, it makes an excellent neck gaiter for workers who want a little extra warmth on their lower neck without blocking out all sounds. It comes with an adjustable belt that fastens around your waist or shoulders, so you can get some air even when it’s frigid outside. For cold weather protection, wool is always better than synthetic fibers.

When it gets wet, wool will dry quickly because of its ability to absorb moisture and retain heat. That means that you’ll stay warm even if you have to work in wet conditions. However, lightweight multiclava materials include mainly wool plus nylon and spandex, which don’t insulate as well as wool and don’t dry as quickly. Hence, if the temperature drops, you can comfortably double up!

If you’re looking for a multi-purpose piece that works in and out of doors, check out the Woolverino Multiclava. It can act as a beanie, scarf, face mask, and neck gaiter—you won’t find another product like it.

4.   Woolverino Wool Half-Neck Gaiter (Micro-Weight)

Don’t be fooled by imitations when searching for a quality neck gaiter. Woolverino’s wool-half-weight neck gaiter consists of all-natural, premium materials that provide breathable warmth when you need it most. One can wear the versatile product in several ways — perfect for any weather. It features an open bottom and fold-over top with Velcro closure for added protection against harsh elements.

Additionally, its compact design makes it easy to store and transport anywhere. Made of 84 percent 145gsm woolverino fabric and 16 percent nylon/spandex blend, it feels smooth against your skin and offers protection against windburn or sunburn on those extra sunny days. Additionally, moisture wicks away, so you stay dry even if you sweat hard during outdoor activities. Though lightweight, it’s suitable for spring and fall temperatures.

If you’re looking for a high-quality neck gaiter that keeps your clients warm while hiking, running, or doing other outdoor activities, look no further than Woolverino’s wool-half-weight neck gaiter.


There are many options, whether you’re looking for a good neck gaiter for cold weather or one that will prevent dust and dirt from getting into your respiratory system. What is most important is that you find a product that fits your clients’ needs and will keep everyone safe from hazards throughout your working day. Outdoorspeople have used merino wool for years because of its natural moisture-wicking properties. These qualities make it an excellent choice for neck gaiters, as they help regulate body temperature while keeping skin dry and protecting from irritants like sweat and dust. Contact a reliable company dealing with merino wool neck gaiters for quality protective gear that offers comfort and functionality.

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