Do you know how to Choose Rich Liquid?

Do you know how to Choose Rich Liquid?

Don’t know what an e-liquide is? It is a substance that contains extraordinary mixtures, for example, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin and that is connected to the electronic cigarette cartridge to be heated by the resistance and go from liquid to vapor. It offers the possibility of adding or not nicotine or controlling its level according to the needs of each client, in addition to having the option of combining various flavors to improve the vaping experience.

The market for e-cig liquids is booming. Currently, the biggest advantage of vaping liquids is that they do not contain the enormous amount of dangerous substances that are the average of the simple cigarette. Some brands use ratios to characterize the strength of the e-cig liquid recipe; for example 50/50, 70/30. This has to do with the degree of vegetable glycerin (GV) and propylene glycol (PG) in the fluid to be used. In this case, the highest number corresponds to the grade of GV and the second to that of PG. These grades guarantee different sensations when vaping depending on the most dominant compound, since each one gives transcendental qualities to the liquid.

The capacity of the liquids for electronic cigarettes is really significant, they are intended to make the ideal harmony between the throat hit, the flavor and the measure of nicotine that the user needs. This can have a significant impact on those heavy smokers who need to get away from the propensity for tobacco, since the ideal is to start with a tobacco flavor basically the same as that of the conventional cigarette and gradually reduce the concentration of nicotine so as not to make a sudden change. or affect the experience. The best thing is that the client gradually becomes comfortable with the new framework and lets go of his old propensity.

Key components of e-liquids

The pieces that make life in the liquids for electronic cigarettes must be innovative to attend to the problems of the clients and provide security through vaping: These are:

– Vegetable glycerin or GV

– Propylene glycol or PG:

– Nicotine (discretionary)

– Flavors

As for vegetable glycerin, it has extraordinary capabilities in the vaping experience, among which are:

– It stays longer in the atomizer due to its thick consistency.

– It can start to accumulate in the resistance due to its thick consistency, so a standard preventive cleaning must be done.

– It does not conduct e-fluid types of flavors quite well, as it is sweet in nature.

– It allows a more noticeable spread of vapor and produces less irritation in the throat.

The throat hit it produces is smooth, which is why it has become the most suitable choice for novices who have not had a close association with conventional cigarettes and are willing to start with an e-cig to participate in the wide range of flavors

With regard to propylene glycol, it must be said that:

– Its watery consistency allows it to be burned more quickly by the atomizer.

– It does not influence the taste of e-liquids, since it does not contain any flavor in its natural state.

– It delivers a solid throat hit with every hit.

– It can cause itchy throat.

– It does not leave as much residue on the resistance due to its more fluid consistency.

What are the Styles of e-Fluids?

Currently, there are different types of e-cigarette fluids, however broadly speaking there are 3 classifications. Premixed e-liquids come ready to use and are the most reasonable for beginning vapers. They contain the base and the flavor included without the need to configure it; They could possibly integrate the nicotine for different fixations if the customer wishes. As for broken liquids, they go inseparably with people who need to analyze and make new flavors. It is the base fluid that could possibly contain nicotine and the flavor comes in a separate format, so the customer can make their preferred combinations. At last, the Mix and Vap is appropriate for individuals who need an e-liquid format with a larger cap. It is a 60 ml limit container that contains a volume of 40 or 50 ml of the base fluid and flavor inside; it also offers a promoter or enhancer that possibly has nicotine if the user so wishes. The promoter is added to the larger limit container to start vaping.

Without a doubt, from these main categories of e-liquids, the customer can play with various flavors and smells and incorporate or not nicotine with respect to the allowed focus range that goes from 6 to 26 mg/ml.

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