Darren Herft’s Top 5 AFL and Sports Interviews

Darren Herft is an Australian businessman with a keen interest in sports and business and how they intersect. He is the owner and author of Darren Herft Sports Central. Along with his writers, he publishes timely updates about AFL and has been featured as a frequent guest on numerous international and digital platforms such as Yahoo Finance, The Ritz Herald and the London Post UK.

In this article, we rounded up some of Darren Herft’s recent AFL interviews as well as some key takeaways from those pieces.

Darren Herft Discusses the Recent AFL Rule Changes (FOX 40)

In this FOX 40 release, Darren Herft spreads the word about the recent rule change in the AFL. The man on the mark rule had been introduced to speed up ball movement, and according to Herft, “It was a significant change and has freed up space on the field, opening the game a lot more.”

How Sports Builds Discipline in Business with Darren Herft (Disrupt Magazine)

In this Disrupt Magazine feature, Darren Herft discusses how sports builds discipline in business and how people who begin with a foundation of sports in their lives can go on to run successful ventures. In this piece, you’ll learn about Darren Herft’s involvement in sports from an early age as well as Michal Trulson’s research in the 1980s regarding the benefits of sports for disadvantaged youth.

Darren Herft Shares Predictions for the 2021 Grand Final of the AFL (Daily Bulletin AU) 

Darren Herft has been sharing his predictions in AFL since the launch of his website, Darren Herft Sports Central. In this interview with the Daily Bulletin Australia, he goes on to share his predictions for the 2021 Grand Final of the AFL. Herft placed his bets on Geelong, Port Adelaide, Richmond and Brisbane. Read the full article to find out why.

Darren Herft: How Business Leaders Can Learn From Sports (Thrive Global)

Featured in Thrive Global, Darren Herft discusses how business leaders can learn from sports. Sports has forever been used as an analogy in the business world, whether it’s to describe business strategy or analyze business leaders, sports has stood the test of time as an analogy for the business world.

Brownlow Medal Predictions with Darren Herft (In My Community Australia) 

In My Community AU covers topics about communities in Australia. In this Community AU feature, Darren Herft shared his Brownlow Medal predictions for AFL 2021. The Brownlow Medal is the leading individual award in the game and has been awarded since 1924 to the fairest and best player in the Australian Football League Competition each season. Read the full article to learn more about Darren Herft’s predictions.

To learn more about Darren Herft and to read sports content written by himself and his writers, you can visit Darren Herft Sports Central.

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