All You Need to Know About CSGO

All You Need to Know About CSGO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Ever heard of it? Contrary to what people think, CSGO has been existent for longer than you know! Started in the late 90’s, CSGO has been a fan-favorite everywhere ever since.  In 2012, the original Counter-Strike, which was nothing but a mod for another giant of a game, was re-launched with improved features, new additions, better graphics, more characters, ammunition and much more.

The game is played with an objective where there are two teams, namely, terrorists and counter terrorists. The terrorists have the task to plant a bomb and successfully detonate it. The counter terrorists, as you must have already guessed, have the objective of defusing it/not letting that happen. Despite this, either team can win if they eliminate all of their opponents.

The game uses a special matchmaking system that tries its best to match you against opponents around your level. There are a variety of game modes available for all, including the most famous competitive, casual, death match, etc. Also, to minimize cheating they have a software called VAC (Valve Anti Cheat) so you try and have the best time possible!


This particular feature has been around for about 4 years now. A player either can have a prime account when he reaches level 21 or they can purchase it through steam. A prime player can only play with another prime player. A prime member has all exclusive benefits like souvenir items, weapon cases and access to all community-operated servers.

This largely reduces the risk of encountering lower-level players who simply want to hack or cheat their way up in the rankings. Most of these will be players who are experienced and hence wouldn’t want themselves in any sort of trouble. The rest, who have paid, most likely wouldn’t want to get their account potentially banned for hacking after they have paid for prime.

Having a prime status has a lot of other benefits as well. You can be assured that your experience will be way better once you have it.

What is a CS: GO ranked account and how do CS:GO rankings work?

When someone first starts out, they aren’t allowed to play ranked matches. But, as they reach the second level of experience, they can go for ranked matches.

Every player who has won at least 10 competitive matches is assigned a rank. There are about 18 ranks in total, and nowhere near impossible to achieve them all! So its best to get CSGO Ranked Accounts.

CSGO rankings range from Silver 1 (lowest) to Global Elite (highest).

Depending entirely on how well you play, you can have your rank increase or decrease. This provides an equal opportunity for growth for everyone to play and grow.


CSGO is very well known for rewarding both losses and triumphs. Either one that you receive in a match, will ensure that you grow. Most games cannot boast of this. If you’re looking for one hell of an experience, CSGO might appeal to you! Have fun!

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