All-New Perodua Bezza A Game Changer In The Malaysian Car Industry

All-New Perodua Bezza: A Game Changer In The Malaysian Car Industry

Perodua Bezza has had a significant amount of time on the Malaysian market. More than 184,000 Perodua vehicles have been sold in Malaysia, which is a clear indication of how well-liked this A-segment sedan is. What makes the extremely plain-looking car so unique and well-liked in Malaysia would be the question here.

The 2020 Perodua Bezza was updated for the 2022 model year, but otherwise remains unchanged. The modifications included a number of features in addition to just better design. The sedan has a lovely appearance, but there is much more to it than meets the eye. The manufacturers chose to improve the car’s worst flaw when first announced back in 2016, as well as the 2020 model received a facelift.

After the makeover, the Bezza has gained quite a reputation; analysts describe it as a “better balanced sedan” in all respects. Its most recent makeover gives it a fresh, aggressive front face as well as a far greater overall appeal than the previous model, making it unquestionably more beautiful.

The 2022 Bezza’s pricing has increased marginally as a result of an improvement to the features list. However, the automobile is still among the most reasonably priced in Malaysia for its class. Malaysia now offers a total of 4 variations of A-segment sedan. Per Bezza’s entry-level model, the 1.0 G MT, costs RM 33,456; the 1.0 G AT costs RM; the 1.3 X AT costs RM 42,551; and the top-of-the-line Perodua Bezza of 1.3 AV AT costs merely RM 48,356.

Interior & Features for the Perodua Bezza

The 2022 Bezza is just as lovely from the inside of it as it is outside, as can be seen by taking a look inside. The interior of the Bezza has also advanced significantly from its 2016 predecessors. Customers may be a little let down because Perodua does not provide dual-tone interior colours, not even on the premium variant.

Seats and Embroidery

every variation, excluding the top-spec Bezza 1.3 AV seats are covered with fabric. Leather seats are the only option for the 1.3AV. Other than that, the majority of interior features are the same for all variations. In comparison to some other 3 lower variations, the whole front seat design is slightly different in the 1.3 AV model.

All of the variations come with door handles finished in chrome and door armrests done in silver, while there may be very little variations in the window trim finishes. It is a very comfortable and convenient car, especially for everyday commuters, thanks to plenty of headroom and legroom.

If you were hoping for vented seats, you might be upset because they are not available on any of the variations. Seats are manually adjustable. The seats’ ability to be folded and altered in up to eight different configurations to suit any need is a plus.

Ease and convenience

Automobile makers have worked hard to provide the driver and other passengers in the automobile with the utmost comfort and convenience. Along with other technologies like keyless entry, push start buttons, and the smart key of the Bezza, the top variant’s leatherette semi-bucket seats are a nice touch.

Despite having a relatively comfortable and convenient steering position, the automobile lacks steering adjustments. With a few omissions in between and, like automatic temperature control, the car gets practically everything you may hope for in an entrance sedan at a cheap price.

Information, Entertainment, and Communication

The revised instrument cluster and dashboard of the 2022 Perodua Bezza are unquestionably the interior features of the vehicle that have undergone the most improvement. Better-quality material gives the dashboard a better visual and tactile feel. The previous full gloss black trimming is replaced with a silver trim on the new central panel.

The new touch-screen head display and steering wheel controls give the illuminated metres a more contemporary appearance. In addition to navigation, the enhanced multimedia system also has a new “Smartlink” feature that makes it easier to connect your smartphone. Although the touchscreen infotainment system is simple, it functions as it should. A USB port and handphone jack are included on all models.


The car offers 508 litres of boot capacity when the back seats are folded, which is outstanding for a vehicle of its size. For additional storage options, the car also comes with a multipurpose box, a luggage net, and an under-luggage compartment. It’s a highly convenient car for the driver’s side thanks to the adjustable seating layouts and a variety of other comfort amenities.


Comparing the redesigned Perodua Bezza to its predecessors, the sedan has undergone a dramatic transformation in terms of appearance. On both of the bigger engine types, the new slim LED headlights with the metal grille are fairly significant upgrades. All models of the automobile also come with indicators located on the wing mirrors and a chrome side door garnish. The Shark Fin Tail gives it a distinctive feel.

The automobile has more aggressive lines all throughout and a somewhat bigger rear bumper. Customers can also choose the GearUp package, which is optional, to further improve the car’s aesthetics. The car had a wheelbase of having 2455 mm and dimensions of 4170 mm by 1620 mm by 1525 mm (l x w x h).  of Halogen headlights and 15-in wheels of alloy are standard on all variants excluding the G model. 14-inch alloy wheels are smaller on the G version.

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