Alex Dee Discusses How to Get Your Confidence Back Hacks

Alex Dee Discusses How to Get Your Confidence Back Hacks

Keeping Promises Hack – The number one reason why people lose their self-confidence is actually very simple. They stop keeping promises to themselves.Whether it’s going to the gym, making a plan that moves towards their dreams, or hitting the goals they wanted to hit in the first place. So, the best thing you can do is to make a plan and start small. Start keeping promises to yourself, whether it’s going to the gym one day a week to start, or if you are starting your own business, start researching and taking action towards it, or set up a profile for dating site if you’re looking to meet your significant other, or going to church if you’re focusing on your spiritual route. Whatever it is, that’s where you want to focus! And as you keep promises to yourself, you’ll notice your confidence will get stronger and stronger.

Courage Hack – Confidence is overrated. What’s better is to strive for courage. Courage is being brave enough to take action whether you’re confident or not! And what you’ll realize is that by continually taking action in pursuit of your dreams, you’ll get more and more confident in yourself! So, the key hack to confidence is courage! 

Growth Mindset Hack – Jack Welch – Difference between self-confidence and hubris hack – How to keep from being arrogant – There’s only a razors edge difference between self-confidence, hubris, or arrogance. The biggest difference comes from being open to ideas and change when it presents itself for you to be better. I know there are plenty of times in my life where I was so full of myself. In fact, I have a chapter in my book that’s called full of myself. One time I was taking the top down on my convertible, and some paint fell off and ruined both my car and my suit. It was just a reminder that no matter how big I am, life will always throw things at me to remind me that I can always grow, and I can always learn more. So, the biggest hack to self-confidence is the ability to grow and have a growth mindset.

Analysis by Paralysis Hack – Adam Robinson – Having more info doesn’t equate to better results, it’s just false confidence that you’re making a better decision! 

We took on sport betting handicappers and asked to bet on horses for 10 races with each of them having more info after each race. So round one they got 5 pieces of information. And they were right 17 percent, better than the 10 percent for 10 races which we had as the medium. And then 19 percent in their predictions. Round two, they were given 10 pieces of info. Twice the info as last round. Round 3, 20, round 4, 40 and so on. Surprisingly the accuracy had flatlined at 17%. They were no more accurate with 40 pieces than 10, with 30 additional pieces of Info. But their confidence had doubled to 34 percent. So, the additional info made them no more accurate, but it did make them more confident. And if you read the book Blink, by Malcolm Gladwell, which proves people making the same accurate decisions with less info, then it shows more does not mean better decisions. 

What happens after having a lot of info is that we usually have what we call a confirmation bias. We usually make up our mind after the first set of data, whereby if the remaining info conflicts with our original assessment or conclusions, we conveniently ignore or dismiss it while the info that confirms our original decision makes us increasingly certain that our conclusion was correct! 

So, it’s better to make decisions based on certain first sets of data and then get analysis by paralysis and not take action or get a false confidence, because we have been taught that more info equals better results, when in reality it’s just giving us false confidence! 

How Fixing your Relationships Will Ultimately Lead you to be Better at Everything Hack – David Metzer – After I made everything and I lost everything, I had to watch my mom’s house and car, and all the things I bought her essentially be taken off the lot. I was feeling all the guilt and shame and I decided to do a reality check, so I don’t make the same mistakes again! So, with mom I asked her, what would you like in our relationship, and she told me she just wants to feel loved and appreciated. And here I was having all the things in my head about what I think my mom wanted when all she wanted was my love and appreciation! So, I worked it out where every week whether it was a text or an email or something, I would let her know how much she was loved and was appreciated by me!

The second thing was I come from a long line of siblings (six), and in our family a lot of brothers and sisters were successful, but here I am one of the kids! I’m successful on my own right and for some reason I feel inferior to my siblings. One of my brothers graduated from Harvard and is now a rabbi. One day I said to him, “hey man I don’t feel good around you and I and I want to fix that!” I didn’t feel like coming out and ironically enough he said you know it’s funny you happen to bring that up because I feel the same way about you. So, I was able to talk about that and I was able to get that off of my chest and resolve it!

The reason why I mention is because if you have that with your family, imagine how much more this energy that you have is manifesting into the other world when you meet with a potential client! And if you’re trying to prove yourself to the family you can bet it’s 1,000 times worse when it comes to strangers. You’re able to fix that vibrational frequency and letting those go to transcend everything else in your life, whether it’s with your own family, business, or health. And all these beliefs including for me was that I felt stupid so because of that I did all these wrong things I did back in sales! I lied, manipulated, and did all these things to prove that I was smart, so I projected this insecurity, and no matter how much I made, I always wanted more. That was to prove to myself that I was smart enough. That’s why fixing one relationship and finding out what’s actually going on versus what you have going on in your head can really create a vibrational frequency and will make everything in your life better and heal all wounds.

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