A Look at Sour Space Candy

A Look at Sour Space Candy

There are a lot of things in this life that sometimes make you feel stressed out or bored. Our everyday jobs can be very stressful and combined with other factors, you might end up feeling a bit down or having migraines. People are always looking for ways to help them deal with the stress of life and its problems and CBD products like Sour Space Candy have proven to be a valuable resource.

Some people turn to over-the-counter pharmaceutical drugs although many have adverse side effects. You can feel nauseated, dizzy, vomit, and, worst of all be hooked. Using CBD products on the other hand can help alleviate these conditions quickly without many of these adverse side effects.

There are several different CBD strains out there and the Sour Candy strain is one of the most popular. This strain is famed for its high CBD levels as well as its intoxicating tropical aroma and unique flavor. In this post, we look in detail at the Sour Candy weed strain.

What is sour space candy?

The Sour Candy OG hemp strain is one of the most potent CBD strains in the market that is free from THC. Its potency is a result of the strain being a cross-breed between the Sour Tsunami and the Early Resin Berry strains, two of the most potent hemp weed strains. It is named Sour Space Candy because of its unique sharp sour flavor.

Many CBD users prefer using the Sour Candy strain because of its amazing flavor, smooth smoke, and high levels of CBD. Users feel uplifted and energized, the perfect feeling for going about their everyday activities. You should not be worried about getting high from smoking the Sour Candy Leafly strain as it is THC free. Cannaflower is one of the leading CBD sellers from where you can order the sour candy CBD strain.

Effects of using sour space candy

If you are having trouble getting through your day-to-day activities, it is high time you consider trying the Sour Candy weed. It helps you be focused on top of the uplifting and energizing effects. In addition, it contains the limonene and pinene terpenes which have been found to alleviate stress. Other reasons why you might consider using the Sour Candy strain include treating anxiety, depression, and body inflammations.


Just like its name implies, the Sour Space Candy strain has a sour taste, a combination of green apples, sweet cherry, and strawberry flavor. In addition, you will detect a hint of fruits like mango, summer blossoms, and pineapples. When you inhale the Sour Space Candy smoke, you will enjoy a unique blend of flavors that are hard to come by.

For the best feeling, it is recommended that you some it using a dry herb vaporizer. Using papers to smoke this strain will adulterate the smoke, meaning you will not enjoy its amazing flavor as much as you could. On the other hand, dry herb vaporizers do not corrupt the smoke in any way giving you the purest taste.

Where to order sour space candy

You can order Sour Candy weed from multiple online dealers but you need to choose one carefully. You need to get value for your money by buying a quality Sour Candy strain from a reputable seller at a reasonable price. One of the top dealers where you can source Sour Space Candy is Cannaflower. Make sure you read online reviews before choosing a buyer to get a clear idea of what other users felt about the product.

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