6 Drafting Services You Can Get From CAD Companies

6 Drafting Services You Can Get From CAD Companies

CAD drafting and BIM services have revolutionized the design process with far-reaching benefits. Apart from creating unique designs, drafting companies can enjoy faster turnaround times. Different companies offer different types of drafting services and here are some services you can expect from these firms.

Architectural Drafting

Architecture design is crucial in building projects like residential properties, factories, shopping complexes and commercial buildings. Architectural drafting involves both the exterior structure and the interior design. When you need this service, you can outsource from Architectural drafting companies or hire a freelancer. Larger institutions use companies while smaller ones are likely to pick a freelancer as a cost-cutting measure. These companies can also provide useful insights into plans and advise clients on the best practice.

Electrical Drafting

Electricians work hand in hand with construction professionals to ensure that electrical installations meet laid down requirements. Electrical drafting involves drawing plans for electrical wiring projects, from power plants to all types of buildings. Installing electricity is a delicate affair and any faulty connection can lead to costly implications. Clear, accurate electrical drafts greatly minimize the chance of faulty connections, which expose the users of a building to electric shock and fire.

Civil Drafting

Infrastructural projects are an essential aspect of modern living. They include the road network, bridges, water and sewer systems and pipelines. These projects are massive and usually involve conducting many impact assessments to safeguard citizens’ well-being. Civil drafters mainly draw plans for state authorities. Using CAD software or enlisting BIM modeling services, civil engineers can supervise such projects with great ease and deliver safe infrastructure. 

Mechanical Drafting

Mechanical drafting is technical and useful for the manufacturing and automotive industries. Mechanical drafters are responsible for drawing and designing tools for use in these industries, some of which include cars, automotive parts, machine parts, power tools and many others. Engineers work with mechanical drafting companies in the manufacture of a wide range of products.

Marine Drafting

Marine drafting involves collaborating with engineers to draw and design marine vessels, ships, submarines and a whole range of water vessels.  Designing these vessels involves creating a detailed floor plan, engine compartment, wiring layout and plumbing information. This requires some knowledge of hydrostatics as all calculations will center around water pressure exerted on such vessels from different depths.

Aeronautical Drafting

Aeronautical drafters are an invaluable asset to the aviation industry. They work with aviation engineers and designers to draw aircraft’s exterior and interior layouts. They are responsible for drawings of airborne vessels like helicopters, airplanes and space rockets. Aeronautical drafting requires a good grasp of engineering concepts and aviation systems. By enlisting CAD drafting services, aeronautical engineers can establish measurements and the most suitable and safe materials to use.

There are CAD drafting applications and designers for every industry. They add immense value to the design process and make the work of engineers and architects easier. Collaboration between CAD drafting companies and professionals guarantees high-quality projects and maintenance of building standards.

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