4 Tips for Securing Your Online Game Accounts

4 Tips for Securing Your Online Game Accounts

It’s always an exciting time when you create an online gaming account to access the game or world you’re looking forward to play. But before diving in, think about these 4 tips to fully secure your game account.

Create a Strong Password

Websites, game companies and social media platforms will remind you that a strong password is a form of security. In some cases there’s a built-in indicator to tell you whether the password you’ve created is ‘strong’ or ‘weak’.

Weak passwords are common and easy to crack. All hackers need to do is obtain your email address or username and they can access your game account.

To circumvent this, most companies will ask for a password that’s a combination of letters, numbers and a special character. An example is gclub– before you can play you will need a strong password.

Play on a Secure Connection

You might be tempted to connect to a public WiFi hotspot whenever you have the urge to play on sites like royal online, but that can cost you your hard-earned account.

When outside, it’s definitely better to connect to your mobile network provider’s data or wait until you’re home and on your private wi-fi connection.

Install an Anti-Malware and Antivirus Program

Did you know that malware, viruses and malicious codes are becoming more and more commonplace in today’s world? You can have your game account and financial information stolen without you ever knowing it.

Thankfully, there’s a variety of software that can keep them at bay. It’s always a good idea to have them on your computer and smartphone.

Use Common Sense

Last but not the least, don’t fall for tricks that can compromise your gaming account.

Phishing can come anytime, anywhere. You could be getting an email saying your account is compromised, or someone could be posing as a representative and ask you for your password.

The bottom line is that you shouldn’t hand out personal information.

John Norwood
John Norwood is best known as a technology journalist, currently at Ziddu where he focuses on tech startups, companies, and products.