3 Beauty Tech Trends of 2021

3 Beauty Tech Trends of 2021

Beauty brands are now using technology to keep up with general trends and get a greater piece of the market pie.

Gone are the one-size-fits-all approach, with more precise and personalized beauty products for every person.

Here are the 3 beauty tech trends today.

Artificial Intelligence and a Personalized Approach

A general complaint among women is that they couldn’t find the right foundation shade when walking into a shop. However, it’s impractical to make and display hundreds of foundation products.

Companies are now turning to machines, particularly artificial intelligence to determine the exact match of shade for a customer. A handheld colorimeter is used by beauty specialists to capture an individual’s skin tone, which they run through a computer and compare against tens of thousands of unique shades.

Another machine then mixes the perfect shade for that customer right in the shop.

Try-On Apps

One of the first try-on apps was changing hairstyles using augmented reality and face tracking in a smartphone.

Today, beauty brands have evolved to add more cosmetics, including eyeshadow, lipstick and foundation. The app works by ‘seeing’ where your eyes and lips are in real time, then tracking them and putting on the overlays in the exact same place.

Although not a hundred percent accurate, having this technology allows people to experiment with new styles and looks without fully committing to them.

Smart Skincare Tools

Major brands are now coming up with services and programs where they can determine your skin age by scanning for fine lines, pores, red spots and wrinkles, then recommend skincare products that can improve their score.

In the same vein, companies are developing devices, such as a skin printer that uses light to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, as well as blemishes and acne, among others. Also, a makeup printer in the form of a wand can scan the user’s face and put micro makeup to cover age spots and skin imperfections.