Why you should Lawyer Up After An Accident

Why you should Lawyer Up After An Accident

You thought you were a little tipsy and could drive home safely. Unfortunately, you hit a wrong turn, had a head-on collision, and found yourself on the wrong side of the law. Should you call a lawyer to help you pursue compensation? Many accidents happen over the weekends and holidays because of drunk driving. Call your lawyer if you think the driver at fault is under the influence of alcohol. If you think you were the driver at fault, call your lawyer.  A personal injury attorney is your friend when you are most vulnerable.

Types of damages covered by insurance providers

Insurance providers will cover for:

  • Reduced earning ability
  • Medical expenses
  • Automobile repair and replacement
  • Damage to property
  • Mental stress and related anguish
  • Property damage

There are two types of damages your lawyer can pursue to your advantage. Economic damages have a fixed value and come with documented evidence, such as bills and receipts. On the other hand, non-economic injuries do not have any fixed value. Your lawyer can help accurately evaluate and quantify your mental pain and disturbances or inconveniences from accidents.

Why do you need to lawyer up?

It is critical to call a personal accident lawyer immediately after an accident occurs. There are various benefits to hiring a personal accident attorney. Your compensation will have many hurdles to handle.

. Resistance from insurance providers

Insurance providers are in business to make money. Therefore, they will deny you the chance to obtain maximum compensation for your damages. They will send insurance adjusters and persuade you to accept liability. Consequently, you receive compensation that barely meets your accident damages, injuries and inconveniences.

 A personal accident attorney helps you not sign any document before scrutinizing its details. Most insurance providers pressure uninformed drivers into taking a less settlement by:

  • Offering fast cash settlement to avoid hefty compensation due to the driver
  • Stalling the legal process, therefore, worsens a client’s financial problems
  • Tricking you into accepting that the accident happened due to your fault and not the other party

Dealing with persistently annoying insurance adjusters is the main reason you need to hire a professional car accident attorney. A lawyer speaks, transacts, and negotiates on your behalf to help you get the maximum compensation for your damages and injuries. Many claims get settled out of court and require a seasoned accident attorney to negotiate for you. However, the lawyer can escalate your case to trial if an insurance provider is adamant about giving you favorable compensation.

File a claim for your injuries and damages

A car accident can cause severe injuries. Often the medical bills are too expensive and can have negative financial implications for any client. Some accident complications, such as permanent disability, can have a lifelong impact. Therefore, it is appropriate to file a claim for your injuries and damages because one can never know the outcome of an accident.

Call your preferred law firm when you begin negotiations with an insurance company. Insurance providers take advantage of drunk-driving victims and endeavor to pay the least settlement for damages and injuries. However, a personal accident lawyer can help negotiate for an appropriate settlement and prevent any exploitation by insurance providers.

A lawyer is a friend in time of need

Insurance providers are in business to make money by paying minimal compensation to their clients. However, a lawyer is professional legal advisor acting on your behalf to accurately calculate your losses and damages represent you during negotiations, gather evidence to support your claim and take your claim to trial when the need arises.


Do not hesitate to call your lawyer when an accident happens. Pursuing compensation without a lawyer is a recipe for exploitation from insurance providers.

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