Why WordPress Engine Is Our Preferred Website Hosting Company

Why WordPress Engine Is Our Preferred Website Hosting Company

Every customer loves a seamless experience when doing business with any company or organization. They are likely to share their positive experiences with family, friends, colleagues, or even the general public about why your business is the best.

 As a company, we fully recognize the fact that the consumer experience through marketing, sales can turn your customers into promoters and drives a growth engine for your business. We have always believed that your website is the foundation of your business. It is where prospects learn and make decisions based on the experience you provide.

Customers learn about your service and products, pricing, and values of your organization through your website. Over the last ten years of business, our agency has had to deal with numerous web hosting companies to create the best website experience for our clients.

Based on our experience, we have found WordPress Engine to be far superior in terms of support, fewer issues, downtimes, etc. We acknowledge that building a good website experience hinges on understanding the context of each visitor. For this reason, we had to recommend a robust CRM that would give our clients a complete view of their customer’s experience on their site.

Our experience with WordPress Engine has been nothing short of phenomenal. It is the web hosting company we propose to our clients while designing their website. The website has gone beyond just a place for hosting content but a source of growth for any company. When we design websites for our clients, it is crucial that the sites run on a hosting platform noted for top performance and security. So the goal is to bring all our clients to use the WP Engine hosting platform on their sites.

Reasons Why WordPress Engine is Our Preferred Choice.

1. Top- tier hosting

WordPress Engine ranks easily as the best-managed WordPress hosting. They have continued to raise the bar of excellence in the fields, making them the web hosting service to beat. Since moving our client websites to WP Engine, we have witnessed improved security and speed in the running of these sites.

 WordPress Engine runs on Google Cloud Platform, which allows you access to endless resources from any part of the globe. Unlike some other hosting companies that make you pay extra for cloud delivery networks (CDN), WP Engine has it built-in to their several hosting plans. Here are some prominent features of WP Engine:

  • Automated SSL certificates
  • Easy and quick migration from the previous host
  • The abundance of performance tracking and diagnostic choices.
  • 55,000 WordPress plugins
  • Development and staging environment
  • Testing and debugging tools
  • Single sign-on authentication

WP Engine delivers some of the best features and services to its users . We have always desired a fully hands-off managed WordPress hosting with class support. With WP Engine, we have that and so much more. Some other hosting companies are not exclusively WordPress experts, and they also deal with other CMS systems meaning they might not have a deep knowledge base of WordPress.  With WP Engine, you are sure that you are dealing with a platform whose capacity and experience in managing WordPress sites are unrivalled.

2. Outstanding Support

WP Engine isn’t just like any other web hosting platform. Aside from its unparalleled performance, WP Engine has got some of the best well-trained experts that are readily available to ensure your success. There are times you may encounter problems that may appear difficult to fix. With WP Engine support resolving problems is just moments away.

 Our experience with WP Engine support has shown that they go beyond answering host questions to helping with WordPress. Similarly, they go beyond troubleshooting when something goes wrong to diagnose the issue and provide specific recommendations for optimizing your site. WP Engine delivers 24/7 expert help via chats, phone calls, emails to their numerous customers worldwide.

3. Relevant upcoming updates

Our experience with WP Engine has been very fulfilling. The platform releases updates regularly in a bid to improve your website. They constantly introduce improved security features and other upgrades to enhance the user experience. WP Engine keeps you updated with the latest new tools and features. Here is a brief look at some of the updates on the WordPress 5.2 version.

  • Site health check: The site health status page shows a list of recommendations for enhancing your site performance.
  • General WordPress user updates: They include accessibility, plugins compatibility checks, and dashboard icons,
  • Developer updates: It includes new JavaScript configurations, privacy updates, and PHP version bump.
  • PHP error protection

 WP Engine provides all the relevant information and resources you would require to make your job easier and faster.

4. Fewer issues and downtime

Our experience with some other hosting platforms was fraught with recurring cases of downtime and issues. The resultant effect for us was quite worrying as our credibility was tested. With WP Engine, your website would effortlessly pass the scalability test even in the face of increased traffic.

 Thanks to the latest technology from AWS, WP Engine provides a high availability architecture that removes your server as the single point of failure. These clustered servers offer utmost uptime by serving your site from numerous servers in various data centers.

With this, your site would automatically move to a running and available server node if one data center experiences downtime. Similarly, WP Engine’s Evercache system keeps your site fast and flexible.

5. Tremendous security features

We recognize the damage a breach in your site’s security can cause to your reputation. Our experience with WP Engine has ensured that the website we manage remains protected at all times. WP Engine has some measure of security to guarantee that your site is working at utmost performance. Let’s look at some of the security measures and how they affect your website security.

Proprietary firewall: WP Engine uses a proprietary firewall to automatically organize traffic into good, bad, and malicious.

Disk write protection: WP Engine security environment reduces the processes that can write to disk.

Disallowed Plugins:  WP Engine has scanners that search for plugins that expose a website vulnerability and disable them.

 6. Top-notch Sites and Environment

WP Engine’s site helps to group different environments under one name. These environments include Development, Staging, and Production. The Staging and Development environments help in troubleshooting issues during workflow before deploying changes to your live production website.

WP Engine environments are independent and work without affecting the other. WP Engine allows you to add a total of three sites with no extra charge. Deleting an environment does not affect the other environments on your account or within the site. 

Final Thoughts

WP Engine Webhosting platform has greatly transformed the way our company hosts and manages websites. It provides us with a hands-off approach to managing and optimizing their sites. Despite its relatively high pricing, migrating to the WP Engine hosting platform would be one of the wisest decisions you would ever take. Use this link and get 3 months free when you sign up for WP Engine.

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