Why Should You Take Your Child to a Pediatric Dentist?

Why Should You Take Your Child to a Pediatric Dentist?

Choosing what dentist your child will go to is a much more important decision than many parents believe. No matter what your thought process is, going to a pediatric dentistry Northern California specialist is so much better than visiting a general dentist. The experience is basically completely different with the pediatric dentist than with the family dentist.

Why Should You Choose The Specialist?

Fortunately, it is very easy to understand why you want to go to the pediatric dentist as opposed to the regular, general dentist. The family dentist is practicing general dentistry and can serve people of basically all ages. With pediatric dentistry in Northern California, we talk about a professional that only treats kids. You will want to go to this type of dentist due to the following:

  • Pediatric dentists are experts in dealing with children. They go through some extra special medical training in order to learn how to treat children of all ages and of all problems. This includes growing teens and really small infants. It is the Academy of Pediatric Dentistry that offers specialized training pediatric dentists need to go through in order to be accepted.
  • Pediatric dentist offices look much more like amusement centers and playgrounds. There are colorful murals on the walls, video games, toys, and much more. Basically, there are things that children can do so they are not bored.
  • It does not matter if the child is chatty or very shy. The pediatric dentist will have ways to deal with every single personality.
  • The pediatric dentist can actually teach the child how to stop sucking their thumbs. And they can help stop bottle feeding and even problems related to the pacifier. Basically, parents can learn how to stop the child’s bad habits.
  • Remember that baby teeth can get cavities. Regular doctors do not have the necessary training to do great work on very tiny teeth.
  • A pediatric dentist is not the only expert in children working in a pediatric dental office. There are also hygienists there that are trained to properly use much smaller tools, which are needed to deal with those tiny teeth.
  • Hygienists and pediatric dentists show every single instrument to the child. They explain what the instruments do. This is important since it makes the visit educational and even entertaining. And it does wonder when it comes to removing fear.
  • Pediatric dentists have the training needed to treat children who have special needs.
  • Kid-friendly prices are often offered at the end of dental visits.
  • The pediatric dentist will make the visit a fun one for the child. Patients (in this case, children) will want to go back because they have fun and are treated well. Although it is very hard to believe, children do want to get back to the pediatric dentist.

At the end of the day, if you have a child, it is important to go to a pediatric dentist. You want the experience to be great for them and this is only possible with the help of such a specialist, not just any dentist.

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