Why play to earn runner game is best for you?

Why play to earn runner game is best for you?

In today’s world, many individuals consider playing video games at leisure. But, whatever the player earns through the game, the money will belong to those who have developed the game. In that case, if the developers stop developing the game or remove some features, then it can affect the items you will own through the game. This is what a play-to-earn gaming model can change in the future.

So, in this article, we will cover the benefits of playing a P2E runner game. Apart from earning pretty well through the manual p2e system, you can benefit more than your expectations.

Offers many opportunities to earn money

While the P2E model revolutionizes the gaming industry, people tend to enjoy the overall experience with the game. With social elements like multiplayer games, the player can play with someone else with a shared goal. Moreover, as the games introduce in-game economies, the players can buy and sell items on the marketplace. However, this was not the situation earlier. The in-game items were not associated with real-world money and they continued to benefit the game developers.

As time passed, the developers built the play-to-earn models to offer an additional incentive for players. Nowadays, players can always think about spending more time in a virtual environment. Apart from complete asset ownership, the players don’t have to worry about losing their earnings. Later, the players can trade the in-game items for real currency. For instance, if you play Metarun and clear every level, you can earn in-game currencies and exchange them for gaining Metarun Tokens.

Aids to develop the gaming community

When you come across the latest P2E games, you will observe an active community in the gaming world. According to a globally recognized app store, Axie Infinity has a community of more than 100,000 daily active users. But, if you try to figure out the weekly active users, then they comprise more than 300,000 individuals. You will observe this because the game developers are always working towards tackling many missions and quests.

Once the developers started working closely with the players, they could divide the rewards between them. This, in turn, fosters a community of players to pace ahead with a common goal in mind. Furthermore, the reward aspect of the gaming model will drive the existing gaming communities to build and promote a better and more exclusive environment.

Can help to adopt blockchain technology ahead

According to a report, it was found that the gaming industry will be worth $173.70 billion in the year 2021. Additionally, the experts have predicted that the industry’s value will be more than $300.00 billion by 2027. Through the years, gaming has become a form of entertainment. On the other hand, blockchain technology is still in its initial stage. But, when industries try to adopt the technology, it can bring about a chain reaction with the involvement of other industries.

While many companies embrace this kind of technology, people will realize the potential and innovation. Once the game is based on blockchain technology, it can benefit its players immensely. The individuals will never regret playing the games at any point in time. As they will have a marvelous time playing the P2E game, they will not think about playing any other game in their life. In the end, it will also serve to be beneficial to game developers.


There are many reasons why many individuals love playing P2E runner games. First and foremost, the game enables the player to earn rewards and in-game currency. The gaming model later helps drive the communities to build a different and exclusive environment. As soon as the industries start adopting blockchain technology, a chain reaction will arise. The gaming experience will also be incredible when the players start playing the game. They will eventually be happy when they accomplish something great after every level.

John Norwood
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