Why It Is Important To Do Email Warm Up?

Why It Is Important To Do Email Warm Up?

If you are doing a cold email campaign, then email deliverability is a major concern. Based on the recent report, about 20% of the emails fail to reach the potential user’s inbox. To avoid this hassle, all you have to do is warming up your email account precisely and properly. In the following section, you tend to know more about the email warm up.

E-mail warm up – what is it?

The email warm up is one of the best ways to establish the reputation for the new email account and then maximize the email sending limit. Usually, the warm up process includes starting with the smaller number, sending emails from the new email account, and maximizing the number of emails every day. As soon as the users create the new email account, the reliable email service provider provides regular sending limits. However, the fresh email account cannot be accessed completely.

You cannot be able to send all the emails from the day one because you will obtain the smaller limit firstly. Whenever you wish to access it to the fullest potential, you need to build a strong reputation. It can be performed only the e-mail warm up. It takes about 8-12weekes to establish the maximum deliverability. The email gets quicker according to the email engagement and volume in the warmup process. 

Importance of email warm-up

Email warmup is the major process needed to develop the reputation and has a higher delivery rate. It is extremely important whenever you wish to plan the large volume cold email campaign along with the new account to ensure emails land properly in the inboxes. The first aspect you require in the cold email campaign is reaching the inbox of the recipient.

As soon as you reach the destination properly, you will develop a good engagement and relationship. If the email is warmed before sending the cold emails, it minimizes the chance of getting into the spam filter. It also ensures the message reaches the inbox and increases the higher open rate. It makes your email account highly efficient and maximizes the sender’s reputation. Overall, it enhances the email deliverability.

How to warm up the email account

Do you think about how to warm up the email before you send the cold email? Check out the below section carefully.

  • Authenticate your account because it protects your account against the spam filters and ensures that your email delivers straightly in the inbox.
  • The email warm up process begins by sending the manual emails to your colleagues and friend to develop the conversation. Send 10-20 individual emails from the new account in the beginning.
  • Try to maintain the conversation threads as it maximizes your email sending limit and makes your account eligible for sending a huge amount of emails at once
  • Receiving emails regularly is extremely vital than sending to warm your new account. To do so, all you have to do is subscribing to the newsletters. Try to subscribe to at least 10-15 newsletters
  • Do not forget to maintain the time gap between two consecutive emails and finally set up the personalized test campaign
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