What is important to know when promoting Youtube channel

What is important to know when promoting Youtube channel


With the first category, everything is clear – this is the traffic that you get from the search and the block of recommendations by optimizing your videos.

The main advantage is that such promotion is free of charge. Optimization is available to everyone and does not cost money.

But there is a significant disadvantage – thanks to optimization alone, you can get only minimal traffic. And small channels will lose here to channels with a larger audience.

Conditional organic.

Conditional organic includes the traffic that is displayed in traffic sources as traffic from other pages on YouTube and external sites. First of all, this is traffic from postings from other authors, integrations and posts in communities.

The main advantage of such traffic is its speed, because the post will instantly be seen by thousands of people. In addition, traffic received on the recommendation of a blogger converts better than other types of promotion into subscriptions, comments and likes.

Official paid traffic.

Of course, these are Google Ads advertising.

This distribution format has many advantages:

  • Prompt launch of an advertising campaign and a large volume of traffic in a short time. 
  • Flexible targeting and the most detailed analytics in the advertising office to assess the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. 
  • Low cost per view relative to blogger placements.

But it is important to remember about the cons:

Low inspection rate. Yes, if you try hard, you can achieve good audience retention, but this is not always possible and, as a rule, forces you to make a very narrow target, which entails low promotion rates. From experience, I can say that videos and channels that are grown exclusively on advertising traffic rarely get into search results and a block of recommendations (and this is what you can quickly grow your channel through).

“Gray” traffic.

These are cheating views, likes, comments, subscribers.

The rule of thumb for dealing with this kind of traffic is very simple – never work with it. Such promotion methods not only do not help promote content, but also “kill” your channel.

YouTube has long learned to distinguish organic from cheats, and it makes no sense to try to twist it around your finger. You risk not only wasting money, but also losing your channel.

Recommendations for the use of promotion tools.

Before promoting youtube videos, spend time optimizing your content: choose a catchy title, description and tags, add internal interactive elements to keep traffic on your channel. I recommend combining traffic from bloggers and paid traffic, while the second should be 20-30%. This way, you can ensure a high level of retention and engagement, and even if your advertising campaign in Google Ads is set up incorrectly, you won’t harm your channel.

Working with analytics.

You can watch analytics both for the entire channel and for individual videos. To do this, in the creative studio on the left, find the “Analytics” tab – and you will be taken to the start window with basic analytics.

If you click on the “Details” button, you will receive more detailed analytics for an extensive list of indicators.

It is important to check your analytics on a regular basis.

Separately taken videos and the entire channel in order to be able to correct errors. Pay special attention to such metrics, as: audience retention, CTR, ER, and viewing depth across the entire channel.

If you notice that the CTR is low – 2-3% – try making different covers for your videos and see how they affect this indicator.

If your skate retention is low, as in the example below, figure out what it is.

This could be due to a boring script, poor video quality, or the fact that you decide to suddenly change the direction of your channel. These and many other factors can “drop” this indicator.

Low scores won’t do critical damage as long as you spot and fix them. But hope that everything will grow by itself is not worth it – it will not grow.

Particular attention to all this should be paid to those authors who are just starting their journey on YouTube, because each view is worth all the gold. Evaluate people’s reactions, understand where your traffic is coming from and how users react to content.

The rule of thumb for working with analytics is very simple: your job is to try to do more every time. Longer views, higher click-through rates, higher engagement, etc.

It sounds simple, but in practice it will be very difficult to achieve this. You should not look at colleagues from large channels – they can violate many rules and recommendations, since the volume of their audience is so large that their videos will gain views even without any analytics and promotion.

The best services for video promotion.

It sounds strange, but the best service is your hands and eyes. Don’t rely on auto promotion platforms like seeding or bloggers’ choice of auto majors for integrations.

If we talk about automatic sowing, then, frankly speaking, everything is bad with them. The platforms themselves claim that there are thousands of sites in their pool, but in fact there will be a couple of dozen movie sites where the depth of viewing your video is 30 seconds, and the engagement is 0.

One more point: most often you are offered a list of 500-700 sites and there is no guarantee that you will be placed on relevant ones. The list is very wide, with different categories, because sowing is more like fortune telling on coffee grounds. You can post it in the public for moms, or you can get into the low cans community.

Therefore, if we consider crops, then only manual ones.

Yes, you will have to contact the site administrator and agree on the post, but this way you will definitely not overpay for automation and place yourself exactly where you think is necessary.

It’s the same story with bloggers. Take a couple of hours of time to make a relevant selection. As a bonus, you will receive a lower price for placement and cheap youtube views instantly.

John Norwood
John Norwood is best known as a technology journalist, currently at Ziddu where he focuses on tech startups, companies, and products.