What is DICOM

What is DICOM

Today let’s find out what is DICOM in healthcare. In general, it is one format for all the digital medical graphic data. This tool was designed for processing, storing, printing, and transmitting medical data. It allows you to send images without losing the disc, wasting your time, and risking revealing the diagnosis to an uninformed person. DICOM forces you to forget about all the troubles.

Here are the main benefits of DICOM:

  • ensures the safety of all the data;
  • keeps the high-quality digital graphic data for diagnostics;
  • provides the possibility to systematize the medical information;
  • allows storing all the clinical history in a single file.

One format allows sending records to a doctor at another hospital, city, or even in another country.

Traditional storage services can lead to information leaks to third parties. You can use password-protected files, but it’s more complicated. In addition, many current transfer services force the users to create accounts and use more passwords.

So it’s wise to use the DICOM library. This free site provides the transfer of DICOM images on the condition of anonymity making them immediately available to stakeholders. No passwords, no whims!

The first step to send information is to archive all the files in ZIP format. Then go to the official website and click the Select DICOM file button. Select the ZIP archive created on the desktop. Then your Internet browser takes some time to work on anonymizing the data and sending images to the server. When the submission is successful, it will automatically load a new page with links “View DICOM Survey” and “Download Anonymous DICOM Survey”, both of which having several complex web addresses. And on the right side of the address are small buttons for sending and research by e-mail or your favorite social service.

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