What Is Code Testing and Why Is It Important?

What Is Code Testing and Why Is It Important?

Code testing is an essential aspect of development as a whole. It involves working through every line of code to ensure that software is functioning properly and that bugs are identified and fixed. While code testing can take up a lot of time with sometimes seemingly little productive output, programmers should embrace this part of the process. Code testing should be done repeatedly throughout the development cycle. As new lines of code are added, it’s important to ensure the existing code base isn’t negatively impacted.

In addition to testing throughout the development process, you can also use code testing to evaluate the skills of developers. Online testing solutions allow to you test in areas such as IT background, code analysis, and programming skills.

How Code Testing Can Improve the Hiring Process

Testing a developer’s coding skills is an effective way to get a snapshot of where a developer is proficient and where they maybe need some additional training or where a different candidate would be more suitable. In addition to this, code testing can serve as a quick way to sift through the initial round of candidates. There are multiple methods that you can use to test a candidate’s coding abilities. Some examples include online coding tests, interview testing, and examining past projects to come up with test questions.

One of the benefits of using an online code test for potential candidates is that you can automate the process. While there are different forms of tests for different development areas, the structure is typically the same. Candidates will have a set amount of time to answer a given amount of questions. From there, you can analyze the correctness of a candidate’s answers and how well they make use of time. Some online coding test platforms, such as Elite Brains, will generate an automated report giving you a snapshot of a given candidate’s strongpoints.

Different Methods of Testing Code During Development

There are multiple methods of testing code, which should be used in conjunction. This ensures no aspects of the testing process are skipped. Additionally, using all three of the methods below will ensure that the launch goes as smoothly as possible and that there is less patching to do once the software is released.

Automated Testing

Automated testing is a great place to start, as it is less time-consuming and covers a significant amount of code. This type of testing will allow you to quickly cover the bulk of code. This allows for time spent after to be spent on more complex code that was missed. There are a number of softwares available that will take care of the automated testing process. Automated testing can be especially useful for larger-scale projects that make full manual testing not practical.

Manual Testing

Once automated testing has covered a large amount of code, manual testing can be used to supplement the code coverage from an automated test. Additionally, insights can be drawn from the automated test that will help avoid substandard code and simplify the debugging process. Automated tests won’t be able to pick up everything, but are better at covering a lot of ground.  Manual testing is typically used on code that’s more time-consuming to further refine what the automated test hasn’t already picked up.

Peer Reviewed Testing

Even after working through automated and manual forms of testing, there are likely still things that have been missed. This is especially true for large-scale projects. Different members of the development team can provide feedback and test lines of code that they’re more proficient in.

The bottom line is, testing is important in numerous areas within the field of coding. Since coding is very technical, testing potential candidates’ skills should be an essential part of the hiring process. Additionally, throughout development testing will make for a polished final product. Testing helps identify sub-standard code, streamlines debugging, and ensures a positive customer experience.

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