What is Airport and Heliport Lighting Good at

What is Airport and Heliport Lighting Good at?

Few things are as important as lighting before and during take-off. Each time pilots start the flight, they have one major objective in their minds – making sure they are following the correct route and land the aircraft in a smooth and safe manner. However, there are lots of processes going on as both departures and landings are happening, some of which management should always keep an eye on. And in this category enters the airport lighting, together with the most important elements meant to make a change and improvement in the overall process.
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The Approach Lighting System

One of the most interesting parts the airport (or heliport) management should always consider and look after is the approach lighting system. It is a rather vast domain, but easy to understand with a bit of proper information.

The approach lighting system is specially crafted to bring pilots the benefit of having a guided support when it comes to getting near to the runway. This helps them have a great overview of the entire situation, knowing at each step how low or up in the sky the aircraft should be. In addition, here comes the PAPI lights, which are playing a major role.

The Runway Lighting System

To understand what the safe-to-land part is, airports and heliports have integrated the threshold lights. These are set up by the green runway lights which are means to illuminate the threshold. More than that, various possibilities are available, some of the most popular being LED, inset, halogen or elevated. The idea in here is all of them to be compliant with the norms, not only in terms of output but also related to the colour. A vast majority of additional details and offers about portable lighting you can find out at Signalight.

The Runway end Identifier lights System

Making the most out of a flight is the main objective of every pilot. Even though much of the flight is automated, there are still some things that are worth being set up by the pilot itself.

When it comes to the runway end identifier lights system, it is worth mentioning that it is an important one. It is also known as REIL and helps in identifying the runway threshold. To help you better observe it, it is worth looking onto the left and right sides of the runway.

The Taxiway Lighting System

Either talking about the airport lighting or about the heliport lighting, both from Signalight, a great system can be set up. When it comes to the taxiway edge lights, these can be spotted due to their blue colour airfield lights. In general, they are meant to guide pilots and indicate which are the edges of the taxiways. In some cases, the taxiway reflective markers could be used with the same purpose as the lights. However, their price is smaller and have the advantage of not requiring additional electricity.

The Abstruction Aviation Lights System

Another system which plays a major role in the benefit of the flight is indeed the obstruction aviation lights system. This one is set up using the red colour steady lights, which are meant to shed light onto different objects and obstacles. Now, you can find various types of obstruction lighting options on Signalight, functional even in the toughest conditions.

The Solar Airport Lights System

One of the most environmentally friendly options out on the market from which management can choose is represented by the solar airport lights system. This one consists of airfield lighting fixtures that are, in turn, powered using solar energy. In the last few years, this option managed to turn into one of the most popular during the whole world. They can be found in various international airports, having numerous benefits for the overall process.

Besides the fact that they are very easy to install, their set up is very fast and reliable. In terms of maintenance, they require the minimum level since the level of electricity required is basically non-existent. Moreover, they can operate the whole year, without any single issue or interference.

There are various types of lighting systems which are extremely helpful both on airports and heliports. When it comes to making a good decision , you would need to choose the best certificate lighting systems.

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